Not particularly Law Enforcement related…but still…

I logged on to my email server just now and was greeted with the “headlines” in the news. The first? “Global Warming ‘irreversible’ for 1,000 years.” Scary, right? Know what’s scarier? The second “Headline”. “Ashlee Simpson blasts insults about sister’s weight.”

It’s no wonder this world is fucked.

Hey, here’s an idea….why don’t we launch Ashlee Simpson’s no talent ass into the O-Zone. Maybe that will cut the 1,000 year estimate in half.

Who’s on board?

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3 thoughts on “Not particularly Law Enforcement related…but still…

  1. Hmm, I notice you didn't say "let's launch Jessica Simpson's ass"…am I sensing a crush?:)

    I think Ashlee's very talented at naming kids…LOL! Little Bronx Mowgli best take up Pre K boxing cuz I sense a lot of butt kickings in his future.

  2. Isn't Jessica the fat one? Wouldn't she be better? Or is the sister a whale, too?

    I wonder if Michael Moore would like to go along for the ride.

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