New Year, New Challenges

By now, you have rung in the New Year.  Congrats on getting through another year of challenges.  Make no mistake, though, 2012 will produce just as many for the lot of us…both personally and professionally.

2011 was a banner year at MCPD.  We welcomed our third and final MClet.  We paid off a huge mountain of debt.  Personally, I’m looking forward to what God has in store for me in 2012.

Professionally, I’m guarded.  Why, you ask?  2011 was one of the deadliest for law enforcement. reports that 163 officers lost their lives last year.  According to, it’s been more than 65 years since the number of LEO deaths was below 100.  Enter their Below 100 initiative.

From their website:

It begins with five simple tenets: 1. Wear Your Seatbelt | 2. Watch Your Speed | 3. Wear Your Vest 4. WIN-What’s Important Now? | 5. Remember:Complacency Kills!

Truer words never spoken.  Let’s agree to make 2012 the year that we make giant strides in reducing LODD statistics.

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4 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenges

  1. The same pretty much goes for EMS. It’s a dangerous world out there and we all need to make sure we make it home at night.

    I wish you and your family a happy new year.

  2. Numbers like that leave me feeling sick in the stomach. As a civilian I keep thinking that there is nothing I can do, that I’m just a bystander with these tragedies happening around me. I am not the type to end up on a crime spree threatening all and sundry. I’m just Mr Average and as LEOs you have my unwaiving respect and gratitude for the work you do. If you have to stop me to point out the error of my ways on some traffic offence then I’d be filled with embarrassment not confrontation.
    So there I am left with a feeling of being unable to help and that sits ill but then I thought that even a traffic stop of Mr Average must bring with it a risk, even if that is only minimal and if I am the cause of an accident then that must increase the risk to those who are responding and the responsibility for that falls on me.
    So I guess if I pay more attention to my own actions, don’t let my speed creep up with the usual self justifying excuses and do what is right and expected then that is the about the only way I can help.
    It may not be much considering the serious crimes that LEO’s respond to but it’s all I’ve got and I think it makes a good New Year’s resolution, one worth keeping.
    So here’s wishing everyone a great and much safer 2012. Hopefully by this time next year we will be commenting on how those numbers have changed for the better.
    Keep safe.

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