New Toy!!!

I have been told the new Motors are due in about five weeks…add untold days/weeks to be outfitted and approved, red tape, red tape, red tape…and we’ll have ’em soon!

Can’t wait!!! The picture at the upper right corner is similar to what we’ll have (different color scheme, though…mostly black (like my soul…haha)).

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6 thoughts on “New Toy!!!

  1. I am sorry for you! Are they really taking away your HD for that thing?? I think you guys should file a grievance!

  2. Have you ever sat in 115 degree heat for hours on end on a bike that throws off 220 degrees of radiant heat? Not pleasant…I can't wait for the Honda! Think LightCycle from Tron!

  3. It's cheaper, cooler (in both respects), and honestly, wicked bitchin'.

    Oh, and the budget? I don't write the checks, so I'm all okay with it.

  4. Not that my opinion rates … but I'm thrilled to have you get off that damn Harley! The Honda is a much cooler bike – if you are into that kinda thing.

  5. Don't let your city/corporation yard put all your old harley crap on them. Out fit them with all new equipment made for the honda!!

    P.S. while your Harley is in 4th i
    m still in 2nd, o yea the anti-lock brakes actually work on a honda, unlike a harley

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