New Boss: Inept or Untried?

The Crossover Show - 099

In this episode, MC and HM discuss tips, tricks, and dare we say, strategies on dealing with a new boss.

The new boss could have been a rockstar elsewhere and been reassigned or simply put in the position with little to no experience at all. Bottom line is simple:

You’re new boss may not know what he/she is doing.

How are you going to handle that moving forward? Will you be the go-to person or will you be the squeaky wheel/whiner that points out faults at every turn instead of trying to make it better for all involved?


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2 thoughts on “New Boss: Inept or Untried?

  1. Just wanna say…. This pod couldn’t have come at a better time for me!! Dealing with a newly hired command staff from a SMALL agency that is here at a much larger agency…. They are trying to do what they did there and are failing miserably. So much so that we’ve lost 6 employees in their regime.

  2. This was episode was awesome and a must listen to for all new supervisors and managers.

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