Never Forget

I couldn’t let today pass by without posting. I won’t belabor the point, however. You all know what today is and what happened eight years ago. Take the time to remember the FDNY, NYPD, and the transit cops in NYC and NJ, as well as the passengers on all the involved flights.

I’ve am very proud to be a Cop and the son of a FireFighter. Even more so on this day.

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11 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. I never fail to laud our First Responders. No matter what, professional or volunteers, our crews in North America are the best. We had two drowningsand they were magnificent.

  2. +1. Hopefully…. never mind. Everything that can be said about that day has been said I suppose.
    Huh….I'm actually at a lose for words.That's never happened before.

  3. RIP FDNY NYPD, our US Military, Flight 93 passengers, and all others who were unnamed heroes that day. I just watched "102 minutes that changed America" on the history channel again. All the emotions came flooding back.

    Let's not forget we still need to finish the job of kicking ass on Facist Islamists!

  4. Thank you.

    This picture is one of my favorites from then. The Husband has a statued replica of it sitting in our "ode to fire" room.

    This picture and day is a sobering reminder of what first responders and their families can lose in an instant. God bless those who have served and sacrificed, and those who continue to do so. I'm proud to be the wife of a firefighter. More importantly, I'm proud to serve you and those like you every day.

  5. I have to say, you've given me a new respect for law enforcement. I was one of those who always thought of you guys as the high school bullies and jocks who realized you needed a new way to keep hassling people after high school. It's nice to come across one who actually believes in what he's doing.

    But I'm still going to make an exception for the cops where I live. They really are those guys. Small town, you know.

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