National Police Week in DC

This is a video of Philadelphia Highway Patrol’s Drill Team. It’s a bit long, but it’s cool. If you wanna skip to the really crazy part, skip to about 6:00 in. These cats train A LOT!

I found the video on YouTube, but the drill team was also mentioned on NLEOMF (National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund. It’s a very moving blog honoring fallen Officers. If you’ve the time and inclination, shoot over for a visit.

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6 thoughts on “National Police Week in DC

  1. OMG! I thought my bike school was hard….. Give those boys a steak! They well deserve one! Be safe and Ride Safe! TGR

  2. So … do they have go have a background in sycro-swim or sycro-waterski to make the team?

  3. Honest question: What's the point? How much taxpayer money is being spent while these quys practice their jazz hands and balancing? I don't get it.

  4. Wow! making someone do push-ups on a moving motorcycle seems ultra-mean 😉

    One thing that struck me wathing that is here in the UK motorcycle police wear a full set of leathers but whenever I see pictures of their US equivalents they seems to be in just shirts and trousers. If, God forbid, you should be involved in an accident aren't you a lot more vulnerable?

  5. Hmm….my comment got eaten by the internet, I'll ask my question again. Watching that I was struck that, even in the summer, motorcycle police in the UK wear a full set of leathers (usually with a bright yellow reflective vest/jacket over the top) yet whenever I see pictures of their US equivalents they seem to be in shirt sleeves and trousers. I can imagine that in hotter parts of the US leathers would be uncomfortable but what about the safety aspects?

  6. Anonymous…many departments practice on their own time. Also, riding a bike is far more dangerous and a lot harder than pushing a patrol car. Tight maneuvers and practice are invaluable (and a perishable skill). These are some of the best and safest riders there are.

    Shelagh…leathers would probably be safer. But, I ain't wearing 'em in 115*. 🙂

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