My new toy

Hey all….

I might be a bit behind for the next few days. The new bike is in and I’ll be breaking it in for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be updating still, but for the next few days I’ll most likely be out of commission. Today is an 18 hr day and then its a four day weekend camping with the Fam & Friends.

Worry not…I’ll be posting some pics of the ridiculous new bike next week. I have a plan in the, well, planning stages regarding updating the look of the blog to include the new bike, but I need to make some inquiries as to how to make that happen.

Take care and be safe and I’ll see you all in a few days. I will leave you with the following one word description of the new bike appropriately stretched into many syllables:


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5 thoughts on “My new toy

  1. Have fun this weekend Brother!! I just started the first of my four days off today, (the first days off in 19 straight due to the flooding in my area). Rest,relax,enjoy, and take pics of the new toy!!!

  2. T-minus 3 hrs 24 mins left of my shift!I hope this means you were on your meal break when you wrote that and not blogging while on duty.

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