My New Partner

As all of you should be aware by now, I am quite the dedicated Motor. Did you know however, I am also the department K9? Yeah…I didn’t either. Read on.

I was in the midst of writing a cite today for speeding in a school zone when I heard someone yelling out. Not in a panic or anything, more like a “Hey! Look at me!” kind of yelling. I looked up and saw two ladies walking toward me on the opposite side of the street. Trotting in the middle of a fairly busy road was a dog, a Golden Retriever, more specifically. His tongue lolled to the side and a big ‘ol smile on his face.

“He’s not ours!” yelled the ladies.

“No problem!” I yelled back.

I never called him over to me. He just came over like we were old buddies. I grabbed his collar and id’d him (as us cop types are wont to do, don’t you know) as “Floyd”. A better name doesn’t exist for this particular dog.

“Well, hey there, Floyd. I guess you’re my new partner, huh?”

Floyd looked up at me and I swear I could’ve heard him say, “Yup…so you gonna rag this Food Giver or what?”

“Alright, Floyd, alright. Hang on.” I finished writing the cite (one handed, mind you) and here’s where it gets amusing. I had nothing to secure Floyd to, so he came back to the car with me. MC needs back up, too! I’m not sure the Food Giver, er, driver knew quite what to think as I explained the usual claptrap about traffic school and calling the court if he doesn’t get a courtesy notice whilst hanging on to a dog’s collar and interjecting the occasional “Good boy, Floyd!”.

Turns out, ‘ol Floyd snuck out of the house round about the time the last person left the house and he’d been out on the town for an hour or so and had made it quite the distance. Thankfully, it was fairly early and traffic hadn’t picked up too bad and he never got hurt. Floyd’s dad and/or mom was smart enough to include his name and their phone number on Floyd’s collar. I was able to facilitate Floyd getting home without him going to doggie jail.

On a separate note…just in case Floyd’s folks read this post…Floyd smelled like death on a cracker. Introduce him to some soap, will ya?

Thanks for a blog worthy morning, Floyd. Hope you enjoyed the scratch behind the ear….

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6 thoughts on “My New Partner

  1. Awwwww, how very sweet. I love men who love babies and dogs – both of which are very good judges of characters.

  2. Good boy, Floyd! Now it's time to sleep after all the adventuring.

    I love those collars! Our Great Dane, Nola, has been returned many times (escape artist) due to hers. Orvis makes a hunters orange one that ROCKS.

  3. Great story MC. I have two girls who will turn 14 this year and I know I'd be sick with worry if they got out. Floyd is one lucky pooch to find the right motorcop

  4. Young children and stray dogs … if Floyd smelled like death on a cracker, why would it be that he made a bee-line to your side? I'm just asking.

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