My apologies…

I know I haven’t updated in awhile and when I finally do it’s less than uplifting and entertaining. (Refer to ‘another emotional day’). So I apologize; however, I’m not quite done yet. I was almost at the diner where I was going to meet the other Motors on the way to the funeral when I heard this on the police radio…”Motor officer down.” Pretty much the last thing any cop wants to hear is “officer down”. It was that much worse that it was a Motor when we’re supposed to be going to a funeral for a Motor.

I flipped on the lites and siren and hauled ass to where the officer was down. I was the third officer on scene. When I rolled up, I saw an officer wearing a helmet, face down, on the pavement in the middle of the intersection. He wasn’t moving. His bike was on it’s side and the contents of the saddlebags strewn around the intersection. Before I drag this out too far, he will be fine. Long story short, he sustained a dislocated shoulder, torn rotator cuff, and some minor fractures in the shoulder. He’s already been released from the hospital.

The poor guy was just sitting on his Motor at a red lite when a car hit him from behind. Turns out the idiot driver had a (and I use the term loosely here) dog in his car. The alleged dog was trying to get in his lap. The driver was pushing the supposed canine off of him and didn’t see the red lite in front of him. He hits his brakes. Then he realizes he’s not gonna be able to stop. The he sees a motorcycle in front of him. Not sure at what point he realized it was a cop. There’s a nice dent on the hood of dumbass’ car where the helmet hit.

Like normal (and by normal I mean twisted) Motor cops, as soon as we found out he was okay, the jokes began. Obviously, the cop isn’t at fault for the collision, but I’m pretty sure a version of the report will make it to his desk. In that particular version, he’ll be found at fault for running the red lite or some such nonsense.

Hard way to start the day on your way to a fuckin’ funeral, you know?