Motor Training

Yup, that’s my bike. Yup, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Town hosted some quarterly Motor training today. There are a total of five agencies and twenty Motors involved. We all take turns hosting some training. It gives us a chance to sharpen our riding skills, keep in touch with one another, and have some well earned fun. I wish I could use his name to properly give credit where credit is due, but my partner, B, was responsible for the entire day. The day’s events were his brain child and he should be proud.

He came up with the course curriculum a few months ago. Turns out, it couldn’t have been more timely. Usually, we will do some cone patterns, have lunch, and go on a ride. It’s important and effective, but we’ve all done cone patterns hundreds of times.

My partner wanted to do something different. His idea? Let’s hit the range and have a course of fire while we’re on the bikes. Many of us haven’t done that since Motor school (varying between 2 and 9 years ago) and some of us have never done it. Two weeks ago, two Oakland motors were shot and killed during a traffic stop. This post isn’t about their tactics or Monday morning quarterbacking. The fact of the matter is we never train what to do in their shoes. Can you fucking believe that? Talk about ridiculous.

I thought my partner’s idea was a stroke of brilliance. This morning, we went to a local PD’s range and practiced firing (with live ammo) from the bike, from cover behind the bike, while in the middle of writing a cite, and mid-dismount. I have to believe today’s training was the start of something that may very well save one of our lives down the road.

Of course, we are Motors and we love to have our fun. We had a nice catered lunch back in the Town and then headed to the City for some prime PTO (Photo Taking Opportunities). We stopped at Treasure Island and then hit the Golden Gate, Fort Mason, the Presidio, Lombard St., and Coit Tower. I am not even remotely kidding when I say there had to have been thousands of photos taken of us at those places and on our rides in between. It was a gorgeous day in the City and the tourists were out in droves. It’s not often you see 20 Motors riding in formation, looking bitching, and sounding bad ass.

To conclude this post, I’d like to say thanks to my partner, B, and dedicate this post to him.

B, you made me a little bit safer today and gave me that much of a better shot of getting home to hug the Wife and Kid. Thanks, bro.

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6 thoughts on “Motor Training

  1. Lucky bastards! Juan Jalisco and I were stuck in departmental training… and it sucked!! But I will have to say thanks to my fellow motor partners who were kind enough to call Juan and I and rub it in about what fun you all were having.

  2. And that range does kick ass. Of course I may be biased since it is mine.

  3. Good. It makes me feel better to know that you are getting good training so you can stay safe while working for me. (OK, you personally don't work for my town, but maybe some of my local motor police got to train with you, and none of them have blogs.)

    I wish we could figure out how to train the murderers to NOT KILL PEOPLE.

  4. Wait a few days, there will be a letter in the paper complaining about all the show-off motorcycle cops sightseeing on city time. Right now is not a good time to be a public servant.

  5. Sounds like ya'll got it going on over there! Never can get enough traing and the shooting with the bikes was a really great idea. Ride Safe….Be safe!

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