For everyone who is convinced Mehserle is the devil incarnate and a soulless wretch, please note this was written pre-verdict.

Johannes Mehserle letter to the public

The Grant family has asked repeatedly for admission and apology. Do you think this will quell lawlessness and animosity? Me, neither. I can neither put myself in the shoes of Grant’s family nor those of Mehserle’s family…not to mention the man, himself.

This is a tragedy regardless of viewpoint or perspective. As I am a police officer, I am trusted to make life and death decisions. In a split second, mind you. Let’s say for the sake of argument, Mehserle was acquitted. He still would have to live with the very things he describes in his letter.
I can only pray for healing…on all sides.

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7 thoughts on “Mehserle

  1. I'm glad this letter has been made available, though what difference it will make who knows. I think that perhaps this covers what bothers me so much about this situation and the way people have reacted to it. There are hundreds of people, thousands even who act as if they have never made a mistake in their lives, or that police officers should be robots incapable of mistakes.

    It's a tragic situation and it's shocking how little empathy has been demonstrated to someone who was a police officer. From the get go I imagined he felt exactly as he wrote in this letter, because that's how I would feel if a mistake I made cost someone their life. Ignoring training, mistakes, all of the other issues at hand- generally officers are people who want to do the right thing. I've known several who came across as hard asses and it was only because they had such a strong sense of right and wrong and a desire to fix wrongs.

    Why is alright in our society for bad people to make mistakes and be forgiven endlessly, yet good people are treated as if they should be shot for the same. There's a serious imbalance here.

  2. If the Guv'nor had any guts, we'd have the national guard out there with standing orders to shoot all looters on sight!

    I have no real love for Mehserle, but that's only because he's a man, badge or not, whose mistake cost another man his life for no good reason.

    I do feel for him due to the fact that he's now a convicted felon who will have to live the rest of his life with another man's life on his conscience and a felony record on top.

    That and the fact that he's looking at some pretty major prison time due to the gun enhancement the jury tacked on. There are many un-answered questions of law on that particular issue, but it would take years until it can be reviewed by the higher courts.

  3. Candi, you could not be more right.

    I think Mehserle was thrown to the wolves. If his department had trained him properly this never would have happened.

  4. Do you think this will quell lawlessness and animosity?

    No, and Hell no. I live in close proximity to Detroit, Michigan. When the Detroit Pistons play and lose a game, people riot. Property gets damaged and destroyed, cars are overturned, people get busted and busted up.

    When the Detroit Pistons play and win, what do you think happens? People riot. Property gets damaged…

    Mehserle made a mistake. He went through the system and this is the result. The riots are not caused by the result; the riots are caused by people who like to riot and incidentally loot things.

    The frustration felt by certain citizens occurs because they suddenly see the flaw in the justice system and realize that there is no real way to change the system.

  5. I'm guessing you know Mehserle or are close with someone who does. I can only hope his friends stick by him as I can't imagine going from putting people in jail to now having to wake up to that small cell.
    Be safe!

  6. Imagine I could write a heartrending letter just prior to my sentencing too.
    All well and good being sorry after the fact.
    Not devil incarnate MC. Just a man/child who got off on the power and carried that arrogance up to the point he killed somebody.
    And now I'm supposed to feel sorry for him?
    Maybe I'm just an asshole, but I feel nothing for this guy. Not a damn thing.

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