MC’s Big Announcement

As many of you are aware, my buddies, Happy Medic and UK Medic 999, have been fortunate enough to partner up with the folks over at the Chronicles of EMS to document the differences in the American and British EMS systems.

They aren’t the only ones that have scored themselves a film crew…check it…

And just as a teaser…Coming Soon to MC’s World…

Stay tuned for more live action updates with your ‘ol buddy, MC!

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13 thoughts on “MC’s Big Announcement

  1. That–was absolutely fucking hilarious! MC, I humbly bow down to your greatness… you make us fellow MCs proud!

  2. OMG another video star in the family. This is so good and absolutely hilarious. Looking forward to more.

    Great moves!!!

  3. You know, MC, I never pictured your voice sounding like Steven Hawking's voice synthesizer. Who knew you and the greatest physicist of our time shared vocal traits?


    Are you intentionally styling yourself after John Cleese? Between the 'stache, and the dancing that's strangely reminiscent of the Ministry of Silly Walks… hmm…