MC…the book?

I asked this question earlier today via Facebook and Twitter. I’ve no clue how many of you are enslaved to the machine of social media to the degree that HM, UKMedic999, and I are, so I shall repeat it here and patiently await your comments.

This is not an ego-centric question, I promise, but…

If I wrote a book, would you read it? Be honest. I’m legitimately curious…thanks for your time!

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38 thoughts on “MC…the book?

  1. With your writing style and humour – heck yeah! I'd go so far as to want an autographed copy, hehe.

  2. Of course I would read your book. I might even consider buying it. Considering who I am you were sending me a complimentary copy, right?

    Word verification "trial". Do you do these yourself?

  3. Haha yes I would read it! Probably the only book I would be laughing out loud reading. Besides, if you go a few days without a new post, I can just pick up your book and read a chapter to get my MC fix.

  4. Between the crazy things you see and hear, and the way you relay the stories…count me in for a copy.

  5. As long as it is not a photo spread or a dirty pop-up book.

    Seriously though, speaking as a rookie, I am always willing to listen to someone talk about their experiences. I would rather learn from someone else than have to learn it on my own the hard way.

    It helps that you have a sense of humor too. =)

  6. Yes, written with your natural humor and how you explain good sense. I'd even pay for a copy. 🙂 Perhaps, though, a compilation of short stories that can flow and be pulled from this blog. It would be easier for you to organize and assemble, and be a great read.

  7. Write it, and we will read…

    Ditto on the autographed copy. I buy your book, I gotta have your John Henry on the inside cover.

    Oh, would it be in English?? yuk yuk

  8. Not only would I read it, I would buy it brand new and then recommend it to my dispatcher and police officer friends. You're hilarious and insightful and most of the time, you write stuff that I've thought to myself. You do it in a way that I wish I was creative enough to have expressed it.

  9. Not only would I buy myself a copy, I would buy some for the local library so your wit and wisdom could be shared with the masses. And of COURSE my officers would need a copy so they can commiserate with you.

    DO IT!

  10. Yep.
    Well, maybe. Ok, no. But only because I have the attention span of a kitten. That's why I love your blog 🙂

  11. NBL; I don't read books any more; Internet, tv, DVDs, LDES on a full moon ~ no books

  12. Well, is it free? I kid, I kid…

    Writing like yours would be worth some of my hard earned cash (and I could brag to my friends about how I have MotorCop's book and then force them to read it.)

  13. What sort of storyline would it have? If it's about "a day in the life", I'd read it. If it's about your dog, No, I wouldn't read it.

  14. *waves from the lurking bush*
    I've read every post you've written. If you wrote a book, I'd definately buy it… as long as you sold them in Canada lol

  15. Yes, if you wrote a book, I would definitely read it. However, to be honest, I would first attempt to get it from the library. I try not to purchase any books that I can read for free from the library because (1) I don't have much money, and (2) I tend to hoard things like books and even after I've read them I don't want to get rid of them. Since I don't have much money and the library charges fines if you don't return their books, it cuts down on my clutter. How's that for a long answer to a short question? (Maybe I should start a blog! LOL)

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