MC disappoints a young girl

Okay…so, the title is a bit misleading. You should be happy I disappointed her. Allow me to explain…

Today, I went to help out the local school district with a video for elementary schools. Now, I’m no Happy Medic, so yours truly was more than happy for the aid of a teleprompter. It was actually a pretty fun experience. Two elementary school girls “interviewed” me about being distracted while walking, biking, etc.
I was directed to have more “lights and shadows” in my speech pattern. I pretended to know what that meant. Must have done alright, though, because they didn’t kick me off the set or decry my “acting” abilities.
After my scene, they provided a nice spread for lunch. While I was standing around eating, one of the girls came up to me and started asking me your typical questions about my vest, gun, and so forth. Then, she came out of the blue. Not with her question, but her reaction:
PLG (Precocious Little Girl): Have you ever been shot?
*Ordinarily, I get the “Have you ever shot anyone?” Her query is much more infrequent.*
MC: Nope. I haven’t.
PLG (with her best you-just-ran-over-my-dog-lower-lip-protruding response): Oh.
…and then she slunk away like her hero just got caught breaking one of the seven deadly sins.
What the hell, kid?
So, yeah, I disappointed a little girl. But only because I haven’t been shot!
I look forward to about five or six years from now when I catch her speeding. I’m gonna cite the bejeezus outta PLG.

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4 thoughts on “MC disappoints a young girl

  1. Well, maybe it was just a really insensitive way to get a few good war stories out of you for the school paper.

    They should invite Beat&Release there for that!

  2. When asking if you had been shot was she referring to your work as a cop or making some comment on your work as an actor. Either way I hope you continue to disappoint the little ghoul.

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