Maple Bar Massacre Championship: #BestCopTVShow

This is it! This is where three-and-a-half weeks of the #BestCopTVShow tournament has brought us. Representing the Krispy Kreme Division: COPS. Representing the Tim Horton’s Division: SouthLAnd.

This is your last chance to comment and have a chance to be randomly selected and entered into the giveaways!

From Uniform Stories: 16GB iPhone 5S!
From Dave Setting of Police Car Page: Elite Espantoon (assuming you are a LEO, mind you)!
From PoliceOne: P1 prize package!

Thank you to those three for supplying some truly stellar prizes!

Thank you to those that have participated in the tournament! Whether you voted once or on every round, I appreciate you being here. It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed the tournament as much as I enjoyed putting it on!

I have one last request.

I created a brief survey that I’d like your feedback on. You can take it here.

Voting will close at 2200 hrs!

Reminder! Make sure to comment below with your choice to be entered into the drawing! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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