Magnum Boots USA

In an effort to support local business and to further cement what could be an excellent relationship going forward, I’m proud to announce the new Magnum Boots USA blog!

Magnum has developed an online home base where they are able to connect with their consumers and industry contacts to provide their consumers with quality content, like:

-Insight on what’s happening at Magnum HQ

-In-depth interviews with key industry insiders

-Exclusive sneak peeks at new Magnum products

– Magnum contests and giveaways

-Field Tester, blogger and editorial reviews (like yours truly!)

Here’s the coolest part: Magnum is kicking off the launch of the blog in a major way — with one lucky reader winning their choice of $1,000 in Magnum gear. The contest will last a month to allow everyone a fair shot at entering, but the big push is under way today!

Go hit ’em up and show ’em some love.  Tell ’em MC sent you!  Let ’em know you’d love to see some guest posts from your ol’ buddy, MC.  Happy Medic and I are excited to build a relationship with the folks at Magnum and we hope to announce some cool news in the next couple of months.  Curious?  Good…

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