Local Copper Needs Some Marrow

I know this is last minute, but if you’re in the Bay Area today and want to help out a fellow LEO, it’d be much appreciated.

From Claycord.com:

“Sgt. Brian Carter has worked for the Martinez Police Department since 2000. The 36-year-old father of two young sons was diagnosed last year with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer involving the cells of the immune system. His cancer went into remission after he underwent chemotherapy and radiation, but returned recently and he must undergo a stem cell transplant at Stanford Hospital, according to Martinez Police Commander Gary Peterson.”

Thanks to Claycord.com for making us aware of Sgt. Carter’s battle. If you can help out, just follow Claycord’s link (above) for more info!

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6 thoughts on “Local Copper Needs Some Marrow

  1. Since I am in Germany I obviously can't be there but I am registered as a donor here in Germany.
    Everybody should do this, it is a pretty "easy" way to save somebodies life.

    I keep my fingers crossed that they find a match for him soon!!

  2. Already on the list, waiting for the phone call that will hopefully one day come……

  3. Sorry to hear about his battle. I know the evil NHL too well. I was diagnosed in november with stage III non-hodgkins. i would donate if i could but I will be looking for donors in the future as well.

    best of luck to him.

  4. Many, many coppers and firefighters turned out for this. It was good to see us all there.

  5. Dear MC (and Officer Smith),
    I was coming back to check on outcomes. I'm glad the turnout was good. Sorry I wasn't in your state.

    Ann T.

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