Light at the end of the day

You know those days where the stars just seem aligned against you? This morning I was just in a funk. There was some ridiculous on-going micro-managing type drama from the Powers That Be. I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated to do much of anything. The feeling continued on through the first half of my day.

Then, long about 1200, the Wife and the Kid brought me lunch. It’s a simple tradition we started since the Kid was born. The Wife is a stay-at-home Mom, so it’s up to me to win that bread. When the Kid was born, I took six weeks off….which kicked ass, by the way. Since then, the Wife has brought the Kid down to the PD weekly, almost without fail, to help me get through the week and give me an opportunity to spend time with them. On the average, I work forty hours of OT a month and that can be extraordinarily exhausting.

At any rate, their visit brought me a little bit of needed joy. The day continued on, and without their smiling faces, the funk returned (though not as hard). Today, I came home and the Kid was still sleeping. The Wife told me I could go wake Kid up. I went into the room and the Kid looked so peaceful, I couldn’t bring myself to disturb. About 30 minutes later, I heard the Kid. I went into the room, picked the Kid up and asked, “Do you want to cuddle?” In that sleepy voice I heard, “Yes, Daddy.” We cuddled for what felt like 20 minutes, but I’m sure was closer to five. My batteries recharged. The skies cleared. The funk dissipated.

Thanks, Kid. You’re without a doubt the bee’s knees. Mommy ain’t too shabby, neither.

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7 thoughts on “Light at the end of the day

  1. AMEN MC,

    When I get back from a late night on 99 and I can hear my eldest through the garage door screaming, "DADDY'S HOME!" and jumps into my arms, it's the best.

  2. My poor stressed out mother used to threaten us so much during the day when we were little. At suppertime, one of us would yell, "DAD'S HOME!" and we'd scatter like illegal aliens caught in a search light…

  3. It still works that way – it IS the best no matter what anyone tells you. Other than someone to wash the dishes, take out the trash (and,oh yea, that tax deduction thing) – this is why we have kids! You will NEVER grow tired of it. xoxo

  4. Wait til you have grandkids. The sheer love is unimagineable. The instinct to protect them is even greater than you have with your own kids. I Absolutely LOVE being a grandmother. It's an indescrible connection.

  5. It is important to take it while you can. Way too soon they will be in their own self centered haze.
    I loved the running to the door and the hugs.

  6. Im exactly the same with my kids, especially the youngest who has just learned to talk and loves telling me that he has just had a big pooooooo!!!
    Ive just had a big revalation at work….No more extras! Ive dropped out of university, resigned from all of my committees and groups and decided family comes first!!!

  7. You go Medicblog999! You got it right! There are no "do overs" when it comes to family. It's the "most excellent adventure"!

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