Laziness will get you arrested

It’s true. I don’t make up the rules, people. Case in point…

The other day, I was happily riding in 63 degree weather wearing my summer gloves and a lightweight long sleeve uniform shirt (sorry 40+ other states…it’s freaking beautiful in CA!) when I see a hapless driver without her seat belt on. On go the lights, over pulls the car.
MC: Afternoon. Do you know why I stopped you?
LL (Lazy Lady…should be become clear soon): Um…is it because I wasn’t wearing my seat belt when I pulled out of the shopping center?
MC: It is indeed. Do you have your driver’s license?
LL (doing the 14-six pat…LEOs should know what that is…at least in CA): Well, officer, my license is suspended. I just want to be honest with you.
MC: I appreciate that. Why is it suspended?
LL: Well, I had a DUI a while back and I have a court date in a couple weeks to get it changed to restricted so I can drive to work.
MC: Okay. Where were you coming from?
LL: The doctor. I just work across the street.
MC: Uh-huh. Okay…hang tight. I’ll be right back.
*The eventual DMV check through dispatch revealed a total of nine suspensions. Six of them were still active. Two of those were for two separate DUIs. Oh…and she’s on probation for the DUI.*
MC: LL? Here’s the thing, you’re suspended for a whole mess of stuff. I’m gonna place you under arrest for driving on a suspended license and I’m going to tow your car and place a 30 day hold on it.
LL (tears a-brimmin’): Do you think you could tow it tomorrow so I can use it just to get back home tonight?
MC: No, LL. I don’t think that’ll happen today. Let me ask you a question. Did you know your license was suspended?
LL: Yes.
MC: Right. And you work across the street, right?
LL: Yes.
MC: And your doctor is about 200 yards from where you work, right?
LL: Yes.
MC: LL. Why didn’t you just walk?
Deer in headlights time. At the end of the day, she didn’t really have a cogent answer for me. Not that her reasoning would have mattered a whole lot. I’ll give a break every now and again if your reasons make some kind of sense to me. But six active suspensions? Um…no.
If you are too damn lazy to walk your suspended behind across the bloody street, you don’t deserve the “oh-poor-you” treatment. You deserve the “I’m-taking-your-car-to-car-jail” treatment.
Oh…and I still cited for the seat belt. That ought to nut up at least a few of you. On the other hand, there are those of you who know I got a mover and an arrest stat. Win/win in my book.

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12 thoughts on “Laziness will get you arrested

  1. Oh, boy, I wish you worked where I live! It's not uncommon to find people who have multiple DUIs for which they've never done any jail time and suspended licenses driving around, and the local constabulary often just lets them go when caught drunk at the wheel yet again – mostly it's the "good 'ol boys" network in action.

  2. This is interesting, because my first reaction to her "it's right across the street" statement was that it was an utter crock. She probably drives everywhere to everything regardless of where it's located; I imagine once you get past the third or so suspension you get a little blase.

    What a winner! Oy. :/

  3. OK law boy, explain this one for me: "6 active suspensions." Like in 6 states? How can she be suspended the second time let alone the 6th if the ones before are still active? Perhaps your LEO nomenclature differs from us mortal folk, but shouldn't she have been slapped around on the second one?
    And of course by slapped around i mean physically slapped on the top of the head in a glancing manner while the judge mutters "idiot."

  4. You even pulled the 30 day hold outta your back pocket, huh? That one is reserved for special people. She's special. That's going to make the bank account a little lighter.

    Thanks for getting her off our roads….for a little while, at least.

  5. Proof that alcohol is not the right choice of recreational products for some of the people. Even though it is recognised as the primary legal product for all the people.

  6. She's obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer, either — she's a walking rap sheet and yet she drives without her seatbelt, which is as good as a "please stop me mister policeman" bumpersticker.

  7. Perhaps she was too drunk to walk. You wouldn't want her to fall over would you? 🙂

    When it's time to go to court to see if her suspension can be changed to restricted she will probably drive.If you know when that's happening it could be a good time to cruise on by. Thanks for the laugh and happy hunting.

  8. I'm with The Happy Medic… how does she end up with 6 suspensions? Her ass should have been in jail a while back. And if you can't learn to follow the law and keep your suspended self from behind the wheel of your car, you deserve to have to walk EVERYWHERE. The "It's my Doctor's Office & it's just across the street" excuse doesn't work, because I'm pretty sure her suspension didn't say that it was ok to drive across since it was just across the street.


    People like this…

  9. She probably has 6 suspensions for not paying other traffic tickets, as in Michigan, you will be suspended for that.

  10. Suspension can happen for a number of different reasons. In this case, there were two alone for two separate DUI arrests. There were also suspensions for unpaid fines/fees. Each instance is a unique suspension.

    And, believe it or not, her doctor's office was literally about 200 yards from her place of employment. No joke.

  11. Good job. Sorry about the hard piece of road she's going to have to drive over (walk over?), but that's the way it goes. She's working her way up to a real nasty accident.

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