Kilted Wrap Up

Now that PinkTober is here, we’ve wrapped up our first year for Kilted to Kick Cancer.  I gotta say, I’m impressed/proud/amazed/blown away at the success we’ve experienced.

And this was our first year.

I’d say we made connections, but I don’t think that’s enough.  We’ve made friends.  The relationships we’ve built with our sponsors at Magnum Boots and AltKilt were the foundation of what Kilted to Kick Cancer wanted to be.  If it wasn’t for their graciousness and giving spirit, KTKC would never have gotten the momentum it did.  To say we look forward to KTKC ’12 would be a vast understatement.

Another friend we’ve made is one Alex Simpson (@unkilted).  A Scot with an affinity for the kilt, a dedication to the cause, and a sick coding ability made the KTKC website one of the cleanest, easiest sites to navigate.  Personally, I can’t wait to share a pint with this cat.  Having met Alex via Twitter and building a friendship built on mutual interest, I am once again astounded at the power of social media.

Speaking of friend’s made via Twitter, it would be an unforgivable error if I didn’t mention Kelly Grayson (@AmboDriver).  Kelly took an idea hatched between two buddies who simply wanted to raise awareness for an affliction that all too often goes ignored and decided that awareness wasn’t enough.

He wanted to raise funds.

And raise funds he did.

Kelly issued a challenge to a number of other EMS and industry bloggers to see which of them could out do the other and raise more funds for prostate cancer research.  Kelly took it upon himself to contact Happy Medic and me to see if he could use the KTKC name and move forward.  We were all for it.  Kelly had the additional responsibility of getting prize packages together.  Once the donations started rolling in, it seemed like awareness was swiftly being joined by funds.

I’ll leave it to Kelly to break down the prize package/winners over at his site (which you can see here).  What I will tell is this:

Kilted to Kick Cancer has raised $8,114.50 as of 0000 hours on October 4, 2011.  You read that correctly.  $8,114.50.

Folks, we weren’t even trying.  Now, I mean absolutely no disrespect to Kelly and his horde of EMS and industry bloggers.  Not in the least.  The work they’ve all put in is nothing short of phenomenal.  What I mean by that is KTKC was born to raise awareness, not funds; yet, funds were raised.

Can you imagine what we can accomplish if we realigned our purpose?

Now, don’t get the wrong idea, Happy and I don’t want your money.  I’m not sure where KTKC will go, but I know Happy and I will remain dedicated to raising as much awareness as we can.  That’s not to say we can’t direct you to a place where you can donate.  We are definitely able to do so, we simply don’t want to take money directly from you.  And that’s the brilliance of what Kelly and Alex were able to accomplish.

The other amazing thing?  Kelly had something akin to a month to get the ball rolling on the entire thing.  We now have 11 months.  In the coming weeks, there will be Skype calls, meetings, and emails to get us prepared for KTKC ’12.  Happy and my first meeting with Magnum took place mid-July.  We didn’t have anything set up with AltKilt until late July/early August.  My point is this was all very quickly thrown together.

Happy and I are beyond blessed to be a part of something so incredible.  I whole heartedly believe Kilted will be a nation-wide world-wide phenomenon in the coming years.

As a final example of the blessing this has been, I offer the following:

Obviously, I wore a kilt every day in September.  I had occasion to meet a 60-year-old man at a function I attended.  I hadn’t known the man for an hour when he told me he dug what I was doing.  Then he told me why.  The man had just recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was gearing up for his fight.  He was in great spirits and I think seeing a complete stranger supporting his fight was just as much a blessing to him as him sharing his diagnosis was to me.

The point being that we the Kilted never know who is paying attention.  Who will ask us questions?  Who will be curious enough to ask what the hell we’re doing?  Who will get checked because some idiot cop and goofball firefighter were wearing kilts?  We know there have been at least a handful of those last ones.

That’s good enough for us.

It’s why we started Kilted to begin with.

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5 thoughts on “Kilted Wrap Up

  1. Thanks to your efforts I now do a self check and I have decided to raise the prostrate question with the doctor next time I pay him a visit. I think I will also get checked for that other silent killer Bowel cancer.
    See what you have done now, I’m going to throw in a bonus check up all because you went on a month long crazy stint in a kilt. I hope you are proud of yourself because you should be. Well done to all involved it was a great effort.
    (Of course MC your name may be reduced to Mud during the examination but I will try think kindly of you afterwards.)

    • Not sure how I feel about being referenced to as Mud in the same sentiment with bowels, but I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself, sir!

      • Mmmm, I obviously didn’t think that through. Sorry about that but thanks for the laugh.
        I had better resort to plan B. Oh hang on plan B was Grin and bear it. Make that plan C, Close my eyes and think of England.

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