Kilted to Kick Cancer

For those of you that haven’t listened to Episode 15 of The Crossover Show yet (and just why not?!?), what follows is a bit of a spoiler!

Every October, we are happy to throw our support to strive for a cure to breast cancer.  Personally, I love the “Save the Ta-tas” T-shirts, but I digress.  Last year, our intrepid compatriot Happy Medic was contacted by a fellow EMS blogger, Epijunky, regarding a contribution to the Susan G. Komen walk on which she was embarking.  HM and a few other bloggers banded together, turned their blogs pink, and raised about $800 for her.

Not too long after, HM was contacted by another EMS blogger with some interesting (and all-too-often unknown) information.  Prostate and testicular cancers kill just as many men as breast cancer kills women.

You read that right.

To further drive the point home, our friend and EMS blogger, HybridMedic, has been publicly chronicling his battle with testicular cancer on his blog.  The man went to the doctor after some pain he was experiencing and was eventually told he had testicular cancer.  His response?  He manned up and in no time at all he was a testicle lighter.

I applaud Hybrid’s courage in the face of something as downright terrifying as cancer…but that’s not all.  He invited all of us along for the ride to experience what he has gone through/is going through.  His catharsis has taken what started as a fun idea Happy and I had last year and provided the fuel to our spark.

Thus, Kilted to Kick Cancer was born.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month.  For the entire month of September, Happy and I will be wearing kilts.  Not just occasionally or when we feel like it.  All. Month. Long.  Unless we’re on duty, we’re wearing kilts.  In October, a man wearing a pink shirt walks into a room, he is either noticed for his support of crushing breast cancer or his odd fashion decision.  When a man walks into a room wearing a kilt, everyone has the same question…what’s he got on under there?

Let’s be clear here, folks.  If you wear underwear, it’s a skirt.  What better lead-in than to answer that question with “Let’s talk about what’s under my kilt.”  Our aim for September is to bring as much awareness to male risk factors for prostate and testicular cancer as we can.  Our goal is to talk to as many men as we can and get them to get their ass (pun intended) to the doctor.

Our defense mechanism when it comes to that admittedly uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing visit is to make butt and/or poop jokes.  Hell, I did it myself.  I figured if breast cancer’s color was pink, then prostate cancer’s color had to brown, right?  (As it turns out, it’s blue…colon cancer’s is brown.  I’m not kidding.)

As you all know, HappyMedic and I recently made our way east to visit the kind folks at Magnum Boots USA (@MagnumBootsUSA on Twitter and on Facebook).  We sat down with their Director of Marketing, Brett, and their Social Media guru, Alexis.  Happy laid out our plans for September by telling much of what you read above.  As we finished our spiel, we kind of sat back, looked at each other and gave each other the “let’s see what they think” look.

When you meet with a big company, it’s easy to be intimidated.  It’s easy to wait for the deep sigh and the “Boy, I wish we could help.  Maybe we could get you a little merchandise to give away.”  That was not our experience.  Brett looked at us without missing a beat and said six words that blew us away, “What do you need from us?”

He didn’t say it in a “what are you looking to take” or “what do you want/cut to the chase” kind of way.  These people have the heart of a servant and they were excited to partner with Happy and I on this journey.  Happy and I were going to do this month-long project with or without any assistance.  Having Magnum’s support is more than either of us could hope for and we are so proud to be associated with the kinds of people and the kind of company that Magnum has shown themselves to be.  As September gets closer and our partnership with Magnum develops, we’ll give you more of an idea of what we all have in store for you!

So, what can you do to help out?  We’ve set up a website ( with some links including the  Prostate Cancer Foundation website.  Most importantly, if you’ve got a Y-chromosome, and you’re 40-years-old or older, you can get yourself to a doctor and get an exam.

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21 thoughts on “Kilted to Kick Cancer

  1. MC, this is fantastic! I love to see guys in kilts for any reason, including no reason at all, but this one kicks ass (yes, kind of a pun). Are you going to post pics? Of yourselves and/or others? You might be able to get us ladies to donate more money with such pics. 😉

    By the way, I laughed my ass off when I saw you wrote “and you’re 40-years-old or older”. This would actually be one instance in which you should NOT use the hyphens. Have I scared you into adding them everywhere? :PPP

    Maybe for your fight against testicular cancer your slogan could be something like “Let’s kick cancer in the balls!” Hee hee…

      • I’m still looking for full-time editing work – if you pay me enough I’d be happy to follow you around online and manage your hyphens on a daily basis… 😉

        • Wow – once again, I didn’t even notice all the ellipses in your reply at first. I guess you have vaccinated me against them or something. 😛

  2. There is nothing better than a man in a kilt!! …Is what I’ve always thought, however now I guess I’ll have to change that motto to there’s nothin’ better than a man in a kilt for a cause!

    Men: One of the best ways to take care of us is to take care of YOU. Kindly do what the Officer says.

    MC~ Good work, Gold Star!

  3. contact KiltThis! and AltKilt as well! they have fantastic kilts and i’m pretty sure that KiltThis! who’s still working on becoming a larger name, are 2 fabulous ladies that will be making my first kilt. they’re both on facebook. at Kilt This! and AltKilt. check it out!

    I also love that y’all are doing this!! My husband LOVES to wear his kilt, as does my oldest son (who is 6)

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  4. First: My favorite October shirt is “Save Second Base.”

    Second: I’m all about supporting Kilted to Kick Cancer. I’ll promote it on social media and hug anyone in a kilt. Especially If they lean more towards Mel Gibson, Braveheart than my BFF’s father-in-law after a sweaty Alabama day.

  5. I love a man in a kilt. However I prefer real kilts, not polyester kilts with side pockets. A true kilt looks manly, the polyester one looked dumb. Which will you guys wear?
    Great idea, gents, as a breast cancer survivor, I appreciate someone who is bringing cancer to others attention especially in a humorous way. Lots of You are so Brave/I feel sorry for you out there. This is cancer sucks, lets tell people to get tested, I’m dressed for my exam ;).

  6. What a great idea! I ran into and contributed to a prostrate cancer drive at my local supermarket! My nephew has and, occasionally wears a kilt! I’m sending this to him and subscribing to your feed!

  7. This is brilliant!!! What a fun way to raise awareness! I’m definitely going to be sharing this with my pipe band.
    Do consider this fair warning – if you’re going regimental under your kilt, your ass is going to be pinched A LOT. And if you’re in a crowd, there are people who will lift up the back of your kilt to see what, if anything, you’re wearing underneath, without so much as a “hello” first! Hazards of the hotness of kilts 🙂

  8. Power to ya, this is an excellent cause and way of showing your support. The real question is what kind of kilts will you be wearing? Are you sure you couldn’t wear a utilikilt at work?

    • Happy Medic and I each have a kilt, but we are in the midst of possibly getting another each through a new supporter. Details to follow…

  9. Hi all,
    Our monthly kilt and beer group here in Chicago (Facebook: Chicago Men in Kilts, have been bouncing a kilted calendar charity for cancer idea. You seem to be a bit more connected on this than we are. We’re trying to lock down a sponsor–the charity group that would receive all proceeds. At the same time, we’re wondering if it is too late in the year to get a 2012 calendar ready. You, Happy Medic, and anyone else with ideas are welcome.

  10. Awesome cause. I’ve issued the Challenge to our CPD folks to participate in the Kilted for Cancer event. I’m taking to PD Hubby to the local Kilt shop to deck him out in style. You know us cops it will not stop with our PD the challenge has been sent to the other local PD’s as well. Lets see if Norfolk PD Traffic boys can rise to the challenge:)

  11. I work at a radiation therapy clinic. I’ve asked the docs to let me wear a kilt to work all September. We’ll see what happens. At the very least I’ll wear a kilt all month when not at work. Great idea.

  12. Will be wearing mine to show support………thought about swag, maybe t shirts to raise money?? might work, good way to accent the kilt.

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