Kilted to Kick Cancer – Operation Logo Success!

One month ago today, Happy Medic and I ventured to parts east to have a meeting with Magnum Boots about a little program for which we needed some assistance.  As we have chronicled since, they have exceeded every promise and expectation they set.

The team at Magnum contacted artist Norm Quiros in the City (that’s San Francisco for you non-Bay Area types) and ran down what they were looking for in some artwork.  Happy and I figured on some cool fonts and maybe a Celtic knot or two.  Turns out we aren’t that artistic and have little vision insofar as art is concerned at least.

Without further ado, I give you the official Kilted to Kick Cancer logo:

You’ll also notice the official KTKC badge is the featured image to this post.  Strong work, Mr. Quiros!  We hope to do the face-to-face soon so we can thank you in person, sir!

Check out Magnum’s post for more info regarding T-shirts and how you can get your hands on some…they are a limited item!  We continue to make great strides as September nears.  We hope you’re as excited about the prospects as we are!  Stay tuned for more information as the next couple of weeks pass.  We’re not doing surprising you yet…

And, of course, most importantly, get yourself to a doctor and Get Checked!

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