Kilted to Kick Cancer on Facebook

We’re making some great strides to September’s Kilted to Kick Cancer!  We’re happy to announce a Facebook page for KTKC.

We want to thank Magnum Boots again and we’re looking forward to taking the next step with them.  We really want to encourage you to continue to bombard Utilikilts with messages on Twitter, Facebook, and on their website.

I was personally as excited as a ten-year-old boy yesterday when I got a retweet from my favorite sports figure and the best quarterback Notre Dame has ever seen, Brady Quinn (@BQ9).  Brady broke in excess of 30 records during his tenure at Notre Dame…and he’s a great guy to boot.  I wouldn’t have named my daughter after him if he weren’t (middle name is Quinn…yea, I’m that guy).  If you’re on Twitter, drop him a thanks for helping KTKC.

We’ve compiled a list of folks we’re trying to enlist to help us bring awareness to #kiltedtokickcancer.  We’d love it if you’d assist us in reaching out as well!

Keep an eye on the KTKC Facebook page for exciting news about the month of September.  We’ve got more planned than just wearing kilts, kids!  You may be able to occupy the same space in time with us…I’ve already said too much.