Just In Case You Missed It…The “I Don’t Like Cops” Post

I’ve seen this blog post titled, “Next time you think, ‘I don’t like cops’” splashed all over social media.  And deservedly so.  I posted it on my Facebook page as well.

On the off chance, you only read the blog and couldn’t give a rodent’s hindquarters about social media, I wanted to make you aware of this post.

Because it is perfect.

It wasn’t written by a cop.  It wasn’t written by a cop’s spouse.  It wasn’t written by a cop’s relative.

It was written by a horse race handicapper.

It is the single most heartfelt and provocative post about the public’s perception of police that I’ve ever read.

Make no mistake, I think this is truly how the lion’s share of the public we swore to defend and protect feel.  They are, sadly, the silent majority.

But not The WiseGuy (his moniker).  This gentleman had the stones to really look at his perspective and then look at ours and saw the reality of what we do and risk every day.  The comments on his post are now closed.  His post had over 400,000 readers.  You’ll understand why.

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A Note To The WiseGuy:


I cannot thank you enough for what you wrote.  It is sympathies like these that get most of us cops out of bed at unGodly hours or up until the same.  All too often, we forget why we do this job.  All too often, it is thankless…but you were not okay with that.  I know your site was inundated with a variety of reactions from overwhelmingly support to a few scattered derisive haters.

It has been my experience that the hard core haters will never have their minds changed, but only exist to try and change yours.

Thank you for your words.  Thank you for your sentiments.

I speak for quite a few officers, I think, when I say simply…Thank you.




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4 thoughts on “Just In Case You Missed It…The “I Don’t Like Cops” Post

  1. Thank You, to The WiseGuy, for writing such a heartfelt post.

    And Thank You, to MotorCop, for doing what you do and seeing what you see, day in and day out, so that we may all rest a little easier at night. Your sacrifices, and those of your family, and those of all officers, do not go unnoticed. Thank you.

  2. I am in total agreement MC. Its comments like WiseGuy’s that make doing this job worthwhile is spite of all the tomfoolery that comes with it. Will be posting a link to it for all my friends to check it out as well.

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