I’ve got my own….I don’t need to parent yours as well.

I took a crash yesterday. It was a run-of-the-mill rear-ender. Both involved parties are teenage girls. One 17, one 16. 17’s Dad showed up, as well as 16’s Mom. The 17 yr old is at fault. No one is hurt. Both cars will probably be totalled. All-in-all, not a big deal…at least for me. I see crashes all the time. Both girls are crying and upset. Crashes are traumatic events. I get the emotion behind it. I tried to reassure them and calm them. You know, “That’s why they’re called accidents. You’re both okay. Take a deep breath”, etc.

So why am I telling you all this? Mostly because at the end of the detail, I wanted to punch Dad right in the face. Why? I’m just about to clear and I was telling Dad what to do regarding his insurance. I looked over and saw 17 smoking. Dad smokes. Dad is an adult and has the legal right to do whatever stupid shit he wants to to his body. 17, however, does not. Earlier, I saw Dad with a pack of smokes. Hmmm…wherever do you think 17 got the cigarette? (This didn’t occur to me until later)

I looked at Dad and said, “How old is 17?” Dad said, “17.” I said, “She’s smoking.” Dad said, “I know”. But he said it with a tone and body language that said, “What are you gonna do?” Kinda like, “I’ve given up trying to stop her.”

I just looked at him. Then I said, “Okay. I guess I’ll deal with it.” But I said it with a tone and body language that said, “Hey, moron, I’m not her fucking Dad, you are. Why don’t you go over there and be a parent, ya douche.” Or at least, that’s what was in my head….

I walked over to 17 and said, “What are you doing?” No response. I told her it was against the law for her to smoke. She quickly put it out. I didn’t cite her for it at the time (mostly because I thought there was a whole ridiculous rigamarole involved…turns out there isn’t, so look out, underage smokers).

I initially told her she would most likely be at fault for the crash. She was. I also told her I wasn’t going to cite for the PCF (Primary Collision Factor), in this case, speed unsafe for conditions. After seeing her smoking, though, I changed my mind and mailed her a cite. One point for the at-fault crash and another for the speed.

Maybe you shouldn’t have been smoking RIGHT IN FRONT OF A COP, 17…enjoy your new insurance rates, Dad.

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  1. When there is no deep end in the gene pool, its likely there isn't much to the grey matter. What little is left will remain in a haze and probably be one of those parents that smokes in the car with the windows up and a toddler in the back seat. Isn't the American way grand? AAWWKKK!!!

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