It’s time to pick ourselves up and continue on.

We’ve memorialized my friend. We’ve set up a fundraiser. If you know me personally, I can get you the information for the event. Connect with me on Facebook or shoot me an email. For the rest of you that either don’t know me personally or are out of the Bay Area, please feel free to contribute if you’re so inclined to the family trust at Bank of the West in Oakley, CA. Their address is 2195 Main St. Oakley, CA 94561-3300 or at (925) 625-2211.

Thank you for all your support and condolences. The Young family, friends, and my own family very much appreciate it.

And now, we return to our regularly scheduled shenanigans. Just the way Joel would want…

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2 thoughts on “It’s time to pick ourselves up and continue on.

  1. Hey Brother:
    Things like this are always hell on us and I want you to know if you need somebody to talk to , vent, or what ever you should still have my e mail address on file, that's what LEO Brotherhood is all about. Being there for each other through good or bad, thick or thin.
    Glad to see you're picking up and moving on, as a lot of LEO friends of mine would keep things bottled up until they explode.
    And don't forget, if you ever need an ear, I'm here for you.

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