“Isn’t that embarassing?”

That is what someone I stopped a couple days ago for a cell phone violation said to me while I was writing him a cite.

Dude: “Isn’t that embarassing?”
Me: “Isn’t what embarassing?” Thinking he was embarassed for being on his cell.
Dude: “Writing a cell phone ticket. Aren’t you embarrassed?”
Me: “No.” What I wanted to say and was thinking at the time…”Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. You don’t know me at all do you?”

Suffice it to say, he was a prick, and a passive/aggressive one at that. I can’t wait to catch his dumb ass again.

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One thought on ““Isn’t that embarassing?”

  1. He's projecting.

    Didn't you know that getting pulled over is one of the least embarrassing events? That's why everyone hangs out their windows to show the passers-by their smiling mug. It ranks right up there with TP on your shoe at the Oscars and a wedding dressed tucked in your chonies as you glide gracefully down the aisle.

    Or better yet, yelling to a packed bar about how big your member is.

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