Inkless Sin

Ever find yourself doing your job when you realize something was amiss? Yeah, me too.

MC: Do you know why I stopped you?
FSE (Future Staples Employee): Speeding?
MC: Yeah…do you have your license, registration and insurance today?
FSE: Here you go.

Here’s where the “amiss” part comes in. I walked back to the bike to begin scratching out the ticket. I got about halfway through when I noticed something odd. Seems the ink was getting lighter and lighter. As any good Motor knows, you should always carry an extra pen, right?



Yeah, I didn’t have an extra pen. Then, a spark of genius!

MC: Ma’am, would you happen to have a pen?
FSE: Uh…sure.
MC: Thank you.

I proceeded to finish out the cite and returned to the car.

MC: Okay, I just need your signature on the yellow highlighted portion. And here’s your pen back.

Ah, the early signs of my once palpitating heart beginning to slow and grow thick with black sludge. Enough to bring a tear to the eye. If only they hadn’t dried up as well. *Sigh*

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10 thoughts on “Inkless Sin

  1. o_O;

    Curious, what would happen were she unable to give you a pen?

    Would you have to call for backup for a spare pen 😛

  2. That's dirty.

    I've lost a pen a time or two (no more than two I swear) inbetween the seat and the radio console box. They got a verbal for my fail.

  3. Wow, I'm heartless and cite everyone but when I have those pen moments I call it that persons lucky day.

  4. I wonder when you'll go to those little hand-held things like the parking ticking writers use, sort of like a Blackberry where they key in all the license and reg info and out pops the little handy citation. No need for a pen then!

  5. LOL. Funny. And to think she may have gotten away with a warning if only she wasn't so prepared…

  6. I called my partner once to bring a pen. But I can't say I've EVER borrowed a pen from the person I stopped.

    I guess you're just more hardcore than I am.

    But have YOU ever cited the mail man?

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