In honor of all my CoEMS friends

My last partner (who for some crazy reason has moved on to Investigations…*shudder*) was kind enough to show me the following video. I thought it dovetailed nicely with the Audio Crossover and Happy Medic’s latest post in which he actually uses the phrase “mechanism of injury”. Pure gold, this:

I’m sure once all you techno/EMS/Fire dorks (and I mean that in the most loving way possible, by the by) see this whilst you’re in Dallas for the EMS expo, you will vacillate between cursing MC’s wit and then drinking to said wit. Enjoy, kids, enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “In honor of all my CoEMS friends

  1. So true. When you have a "sufficient number of units," the traffic is effectively diverted, everything is going smoothly… Then some Engineer comes along, parks his gigantic red couch across three lanes of traffic, or better yet; right in the middle of the intersection. Gotta love it…or not.

  2. This is hilarious. Our fire department is pretty gung-ho too. We call them off, and they still come racing down the road, bells and whistles.

  3. OMG I remember HAVING to transport countless people that were not remotely injured for that very reason. Don't miss that at all

  4. The only thing missing was the fire dudes pulling out the magic scissors and cutting off clothing. Best part was the 100 yard flight.

  5. The whole time I'm thinking 'wow that lady in the red car is probably really pinned in!!

    Then the medic shows up and it looks like the medic and the officer are twins!! Hahaha Cool vid!


  6. As a fire guy….. oh man, this is hilarious! Firefighters hut hutting as they rappel down to the scene. Awesomeness!

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