I’m such a sucker…

After much deliberation, I decided to take the bait offered by JPT once more. Thus, the title of the post. I assure you it will be the last time, my patient readers. I know I’ve said this isn’t typically a forum for conversation and I actually mean it, but every now and then you gotta break the rules. So….

There are so many ways to respond, the mind reels. JPT has left two additional comments. I’m not going to post them. I’m sure she will have her suspicions/assessments as to why, but here’s the thing. It means nothing to me. The problem with a blog is a large percentage of the time you, the reader, can’t hear the tone of the written word. Unless you know me personally, as some of you do, you don’t hear the inflections and the sarcasm. Believe me, it’s there. I have been told on more than once occasion, “I can totally hear you saying XYZ.”

I am sarcastic. I am a smartass. I also do indeed have an attitude. I make no apologies for any of it. At no time in my “Sgt” post did I say I was pissed at the lady. I was certainly making fun of her and she is indeed a doofus. I can see, after re-reading the post, how the tone can certainly be misconstrued, but it is what it is. And by the by, calling that Sgt. a ‘tree-hugger’ is totally a joke. I have nothing but respect for the man and learned more from him during my time in Patrol than any other supervisor.

Am I arrogant? Am I a whiner? Sometimes to both. But check it out, I’m also human. I know I have foibles and shortcomings. The nice thing about that is so long as I’m aware of them, I can adjust my approach to a given situation and work to my strengths. It must be nice for JPT to be a perfect person. What’s it like in that Ivory Tower? Can you see for miles and miles? And not being affected by the things you must see every day being a ER nurse? Well, wow. You must be a rock. Congratulations to you. I was, however, sorry to hear you didn’t fully pursue your obvious gift for passive/aggressive pop-psychology though, Dr. Phil(lys). Could have missed a real calling there. And I know you’re dying to do your Simon impression so allow me…”This is a load of self-indulgent crap.” I think we all feel better.

Now, I know I’m totally building JPT’s own personal drama bank, but the thing is, I don’t get to respond to people like this in my professional life. I have to be held to a “higher standard” and there’s a reason for it. I get it. I get it, but I don’t always like it. Thus, the blog. I get to say whatever I want here. And apparently, I am not the only one enjoying it. This was the first negative response I’ve gotten since I started. Bound to happen. For someone supposedly ‘just passing through’, she seems awfully wrapped up in me (and lest you think I’m being arrogant here, I don’t mean ‘me’ me, but rather the blog and my attitude). Sending three responses directed at me (and here I do mean me ‘me’) in which I am repeatedly psychoanalyzed sounds to me like JPT has issues of her own. Having taken only basic psych many moons ago, I won’t attempt an analysis.

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what I say in response to someone like JPT. I won’t change her opinion. Part of the reason I indulged this silliness to begin with was to illustrate that there are indeed folks like this out there and I deal with their varying degrees of attitude, passive/aggressive behavior, and downright dislike of me based on much less than anything I’ve posted at any point in my blog.

I apologize to the rest of you for having to partake in this ridiculous exercise. I know a number of you don’t think I should have bothered to respond to it and I appreciate your concerns and opinions. But again, it only goes to further illustrate the variety of folks that are my clientele. The great thing about this is I get the last word. So without further ado….back to the fun…

Here it is…

The. Last. Word.

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11 thoughts on “I’m such a sucker…

  1. Good way to close the door MC.
    Onwards and upwards they say.

    By the way, lots of rain in CA, you stuck in a car?


  2. Well said mate!
    I can understand how sometimes your writings may be taken in the wrong way, but I would expect this of a lay person, not someone like an ER nurse.
    Personally,I thoroughly enjoy your posts and they always bring a smile to my face and a bit of a giggle (the funny ones anyway). Maybe its because we are more like minded (in professions). We deal with people who most people don't have to. We don't have a nice clean sanitised area like a hospital room to work in and we are open to abuse every day, usually with only ourself or a colleague to back us up.
    I know you have said you don't care what JPT thinks, but it has obviously struck a chord for you to reply like this.
    Only thing I can say is that I am sure its the same over there as in the North East of England. If I am at a job dealing with an awkward or aggressive patient, I don't want a politically correct police man arriving to help. I want someone who will take charge of the scene, with a sense of authority (and a bit of humour) and get on with what needs doing!!
    Let those who look at life through rose tinted glasses stay on the comfy, nice and sweet side of the fence!

    Keep it up!
    (That was almost like a rant in itself, guess my protective caring nature most be poking through again!)

  3. Whatever her problem is, pls don't let her psych issue bother you. We come here for humor that we can't find in our own lives. I know I do. I sit in front of a computer 10-12 hours a day. I left my pd for various reasons, one being the bullshit I listened to every time I answered the phone…But you live it each and every day and for that you need not make any apologies or explanations. The world she lives in is obviously quite unlike the real world.

  4. Hmm, too bad the computer doesn't come with some sort of clicky thing that would allow you to close out pages you don't like to read….

  5. Dont hate all ER nurses! Some of us are good and many of us enjoy reading your blog! We know how stupid people can be too!

  6. MC,
    You should start blog.
    You know a place where you can vent about the daily grind you face running a blog.
    You can write stories about the crazy posts you get on your blog that you don't publish….


  7. In line with the concept of 'the last word', I would like to follow up with some questions on 'the next word'/

    I have some questions about motorcycle/traffic work

    1. Is it correct that Motorcycles were assigned to traffic because of their ability to weave in and out of clogged traffic? Or is there another reason?

    2. When a sheriff department traffic ticket is issued, where does the money go? How is it divided between county departments?

    3. What is the main cause of over time in a traffic division assignment?

    4. Do you have specific motorcycles for each officer or do you walk into work each day and simply pick from a pool of equipment?

    5. I did a ride along in a Concord patrol car, and the computer work can be both distracting and fairly intense at times, is there any modifications on the motorcycles?

    Just a few questions to get us started on a new thread.

  8. Odd for an ER nurse to be hatin'…like I say, everyone's got a right to have a stupid opinion…

    I heard thru the grapevine that you've got some new Japanese horsepower. Watch that throttle!

    I think I can answer Edi's questions for you.

    1.) Yes
    2.) About 20% goes to the City it's written in. About 40% to the County. About 40% to the state.
    3.) Fatal/Serious collisions or special details like Avoid or Click it or Ticket.
    4.) We ride the same MC everyday
    5.) Computer's are for car fags

    Roll on – KMA371COP

  9. I know it's been said…but most ER nurses have a worse mouth (and view of life) on them then us. I smell b.s. Probably some teenage wannabe thug

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