I see you…

Listen. We all have our quirks, foibles, oddities. I understand it. Hell, I embrace it. But, here’s the thing. When your particular quirk is mining for nose gold, do me a favor. Wait until you get home, will ya? I don’t need to see you two fucking knuckles deep while you’re driving.

Why bring this up, you ask? Oh, it’s icky? Hey, don’t blame me. I am but an observer of the general public’s driving habits. This involves looking at a lot of cars and, consequently, a lot of drivers. Of late, I have noticed an inordinate amount of you (not you, specifically, defensive boy/girl) going to town on that all-too elusive nose goblin. I bring it up to kindly ask you to be a little more subtle or, better yet, carry some Kleenex.

We’re all guilty of it. Let’s be honest. It’s just that some of us are more adept at it than others. I know this isn’t particularly related to my usual stories of traffix hijinx, but some things just can’t be ignored any longer.

So, please. For me. Knock that shit off. I don’t need to see it every blessed day.

Thank you,


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3 thoughts on “I see you…

  1. YUCKY … I think you should hand out handiwipes before you hand over your cite pad for them to touch! Geez people!

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