I just may have saved a life…

What follows is not an effort to “toot my own horn”…this is just the way I felt today.

As I may or may not have mentioned by now, I love my job. That translates to “I write a shitload of tickets”. Today was no different. I was on par to beat my personal best (17 in a day). I was aiming for 20. I had two hours and about five cites to go when the following happened…and you’ll forgive me cuz I spent about four hours from start to finish on this little event and had to document it all, so this may very well read like my report. Sorry.

I was W/B on, shall we say ABC St., about to get on the freeway headed N/B. Off to my left, I see an older SUV in the far left lane. The intersection with ABC St. doesn’t allow traffic in the far left lane to turn because that would take them the wrong way onto the freeway. Well, foreshadowing aside, that is precisely what the driver of the SUV did. She turned left. Onto the freeway. Going the wrong way. It was two in the afternoon.

I did the only thing I could do….and let’s be specific here…God was watching out for yours truly. I was already committed to going N/B on the freeway. I credit God here because there was no one behind me which allowed me to activate my lites and siren, turn around, blow the intersection and catch up to the driver. The driver was going S/B on the N/B offramp to the freeway. There were two cars on the offramp, but they were already stopped for the light and there were no additional vehicles exiting the freeway. Again, God. Since there was no traffic, I felt it was safe for me to also enter the offramp S/B. The driver apparently realized that all the traffic on the freeway was either going the wrong direction, or she was. Amazingly enough, she stopped, then made a U-turn.

If she had kept going, I would not have pursued her. Policy is very clear about this kind of thing. All that shit you see on the TV about cop shows, even reality clip shows, where the cops chase the bad guy the wrong way on the freeway? Those cops are morons who get caught up in the adrenaline and the fact that they’re gonna be on TV. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for chasing the bad guys and driving fast, especially with lights and sirens. And on a motor to boot? Please. I dig on the adrenaline, too. Let me be clear, though. I have one goal throughout each and every day when I’m at work. Come home and hug the Wife and my daughter. Everyone else means exactly nothing. I understand I have a dangerous job and we all put our lives on the line, but that line shifts based on the totality of the circumstances, folks. Sorry to burst your bubble.

At any rate, back to the issue at hand. Eventually, the driver yields and I contact her. I basically ask her what in the hell was she thinking. Her reply is not important. The important part is what I smelled. Ah, the familiar odor of an alcoholic beverage. *Tip* Cops who say they smelled alcohol couldn’t be more wrong. Alcohol in and of itself has no smell. The alcoholic beverage, however, does. Class dismissed.

Right about the time I smelled her particular odor, I noticed the two cute twin girls in the rear seat. Turns out, they just turned five two days ago. The driver is their nanny. Their nanny is fucking hammered. Long story short, I conduct the DUI investigation and she gets arrested for Deuce and two felony counts of child endangerment. Mom came and picked up the twins and, obviously, will be firing the nanny. The legal limit in CA is .08. This woman tripled that score.

A minor aside…a city to the south of the Town had a bad run of luck a few weeks ago involving collisions. A ten year old boy was run over by a small commuter bus. Truly tragic and not something most of you need to see. About two or three days later, I man hit a 13 year old girl in the crosswalk on her bike. He had one or two kids in his vehicle. He was drunk. The 13 year old girl, to the best of my knowledge, wasn’t killed, but she was seriously injured. The collision occurred in the middle of the day. These things were prevalent in my mind during this incident.

Again, I love my job. Tickets make me happy. This one made me feel like a real life superhero. I got lots of “great hook”s and “nice pop”s from my peers and supervisors. We’re a tight knit bunch, so being recognized by your peers that you respect so much means a lot to me. When you add in them telling you that you probably saved a life today, well, I almost don’t have the words for it. All of that takes a back seat, however, to seeing two things. One, the look on the face of the twins’ mom. She felt terror, anguish, relief and happiness all in the span of about three seconds. Can you imagine trusting someone with your children, your Children for God sakes, and discovering that someone could very well have been responsible for their death? God willing, we’ll never have to feel that way. This woman did. I was able to help her with that. Secondly, seeing my own daughter when I came home and hugged the bejeezus outta her. And she was all smiles and laughter. The salve that soothes my wounds.

One little caveat…did I forget to mention the strong arm robbery that occurred about a minute after I stopped this drunk bitch? Oh I didn’t? Yeah…it was an interesting day in our little burg. No rest for the weary.

And finally…the true tragedy at the end of the day…I only got 17 cites. *sigh* There’s always tomorrow. Hehe

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4 thoughts on “I just may have saved a life…

  1. I think that it is great you were there to stop this lady! I think it was horrible that she was drinking and then driving but to be a nanny with 2 kids in the car is just horrific!

  2. I have no doubt you saved a life. I am sure you saved many. Yes, every person you stop could potentially kill someone, from running a stop sign to not wearing their seatbelt. But this one takes the cake. I've always known you are a stud, but this proves it to the world. As a mother, I thank you for being vigilant. As a wife, I thank you for coming home.

  3. What a great story, and glad you have the common sense to not take chances and get home to your family at night. They’re the reasons you write those tickets, after all. Be safe.

  4. Successful system would mean A) This person’s name and some kind of identifier (?Photo) would be on an official list of active alcoholics so that her offense would be findable on a background check, to prevent her from getting another gig as a childcare worker. She will likely be free one day , if she is not already. (B) The person would also lose her driver’s license for a specified period. Driver’s licenses are not “rights” but privileges for responsible people, and she should have to prove she is sober for a year or two before she could earn the privilege back. If she gets a job, she can take the bus or train to work, just like people do in NYC, or Tokyo, or a thousand other places in the world. Doesn’t need a car for her livelihood.

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