I get paid for this?!?!?

So, this week, I’m taking a 40 hour auto/ped collision investigation course. This is how we spent our Wednesday:

Yes, that is me laughing maniacally in the background. And yes, we are that twisted. The collision was at 50 mph and the poor dummy rode on top of the car a la Teen Wolf for quite the distance.
And here, as I promised the poor sap, is the world debut of a true hero. He’s being drug to get a drag factor for a human body. What a guy…

You can never say a motor doesn’t sacrifice his very body for the cause! Told you I’d make you famous!

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5 thoughts on “I get paid for this?!?!?

  1. I couldn't tell, did the victim leave their shoes at the POI? That is a phenomenon that never fails to amaze me.

    Enjoy the class.

  2. That first video with you laughing reminds me of a video Indubitably showed me on his phone. While testing new vests, they tased one of their officers in the ass when they were supposed to hit the vest. Let me tell you…there was no sympathy…only hysterical laughter.

  3. Hey MP, I just wanted to say that I just started following but your posts have been well informed and hilarious. Someday I wish to be a LEO, but first the Army calls. If you're interested, I started a blog of my own concerning my trials and tribulations of Army Basic Training. I'd love for you to follow and my address will be at the bottom. I know you went the college route, as did I, and that you also lost a close personal friend who took his route through the Marines. Who knows, maybe I can teach you something haha!! Either way, keep up the good work and I look forward to your posts in the not so near future considering I have no internet access for the next 3+ months!!


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