I gave someone a war….wwwaarrr…wrrr. Dammit.

I stopped a car today for driving 48 mph in a 35 mph zone. Everything was status quo. The plate returned to an address in Town to someone I’ve never heard of or met. I contacted the driver. The contact went like this…

Me: Howdy (Yeah, I know, shut up).
Driver: How you doing, Officer?
You know why I stopped you?
Driver: Yes, sir.
Me: Why’s that?
Driver: I was speeding.
Me: Yeah. Do you know how fast you were going?
Driver: No, sir.
Me: Do you know what the speed limit is.
Driver: 30?
Me: 35. You were doing 48.
Driver: 48?
Me: Yeah, a little too fast. Not the end of the world though, do you have your registration there? (He already handed me his license)
Driver: Yes, sir.
Me: Any tickets in the last year and a half?
Driver: No, sir.
Me: Ever had a ticket at all?
Driver: Uh, yes, sir.
Me: Did you go to traffic school for it?
Driver: Yes, sir.
Me: Okay, be right back with you.
Driver: Yes, sir.

I went back to the bike and ran his driving history. No moving violations on his record. I went back to the car.

Me: I’m going to do something I very, very seldomly do and that’s give you a warning (Youch…it’s kinda like Fonzi saying he’s wrong). Ask me why.
Driver: Why, Officer?
Me: You are the most polite young man I have ever seen before in my life. I’ve been working in this Town for almost five years and on a bike for two and a half. I’ve never seen anyone more polite than you.

Here’s the kicker…

Me: What does your Dad do?
Driver: He’s a police officer.
Me: And there it is.
Driver: (Laughs)
Me: Tell you what, I won’t tell your Dad if you won’t, but if you happen to mention it to him, tell him he did a bang up job.
Driver: Thanks a lot, Officer.
Me: Take care and drive safe.
Driver: You, too, Officer.

I was impressed with this kid because he was literally one of the most polite people I’ve dealt with. I wasn’t surprised about his Dad, though. I figured either a cop or a firefighter. Feels good to be right. And before those of you in the know ask…there was no confidentiality on his plate.

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