I don’t control them, people.

I’ve gotten a number of odd emails of late regarding google ads. And one Hi-larious ‘fail’ comment from HM….smartass. Apparently, google ads has taken it upon themselves in their oddly framed thought process to ask “Is your man gay?” in the ads beneath recent post(s). Of course, with just about each comment, I ask, “What was the result?” I have yet to receive replies after that.

I find it funny that when I saw the ad, again courtesy of HM, it was right before the “Hey! You! Stop being a pussy” post. You’d think the proper ad would say something like “Is your man addicted to Internet porn?” or something along those lines. Weird.
At any rate, I guess the only way to avoid google using ads like that one is to stop saying things like phallus, dong, a-hole, prick, and the like. I shall do my utmost to do that. After today.
Couldn’t resist. And I apologize to my Mom and the Wife. And eventually to the Kid…I assume some day she’ll learn to read.

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5 thoughts on “I don’t control them, people.

  1. Didn't work for me. All I got were KC lawyer ads promising to get me out of traffic ticket trouble. Oh well, maybe it would be different if I wasn't logged into Google.

  2. I thought the 'Is Your Man Gay?' ad was hilarious. I was even tempted to click on it to see what they said but The Wife was at home and her sense of humor isn't as warped as mine.

  3. I've never even seen that ad, but oddly I never miss looking at that chocolate bark ad you have….yum!

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