I can’t believe it’s this difficult

…We now join our dashing hero as he returns to the stopped vehicle to issue a well deserved citation.

MC: Okay, I need you to sign the yellow highlighted portion at the bottom:
Driver (stares at the cite for a handful of seconds): Where do I need to sign?
MC: At the bottom. Where it says ‘signature’. On the bright yellow part…that I highlighted to avoid dipshits struggling to figure out where to sign the ticket…AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh!
You would not believe how often it happens. People, I can’t make it any easier if I held your hand and made like Weekend at Bernie’s and had you pretend sign it while I’m moving your hand back and forth.
It’s bright. It’s fucking yellow. It’s HIGHLIGHTED!!! Sweet Mother, Mary of God.

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4 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s this difficult

  1. that I highlighted to avoid dipshits struggling

    You actually highlight the suckers by hand with a yellow highlight pen? Do you do this in advance or carry the yellow pen with you?

    Wow, talk about white-glove service. Holy Moses.

  2. Your very presence can make people nervous, the rest are just idiots…

  3. If they ask you enough times maybe you would say forget and leave…..

    Kinda like the cop stare, If I don't look at him he won't notice I am not buckled up and all this marijuana smoke coming out the window….

  4. "Sweet Mother, Mary of God!"…. haha, I laugh every time I read that, MC. Did you make that up? Or, is that standard cop-speak? Either way, I love it!

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