Humble Request

Recently, I’ve been curious about something. I’ve received a few verbal and written kudos about this little experiment ‘o mine. The majority of them have been from folks I never would have suspected would read this thing. Thus, I am led to ask a favor….

If you would be so kind, please leave a comment on this post. You can do so anonymously if you are so inclined. I’m just curious how many people read the blog. It doesn’t matter what you say. You can write gibberish for all I care…that isn’t to say I wouldn’t welcome any comment you choose to write, just don’t feel obligated to say anything in particular.

If you aren’t particularly interested in leaving a comment, you can also ‘follow’ the blog (again, you can do so anonymously) by clicking on the ‘follow this blog’ down the right side of the page.

And, lastly, I recently registered the blog on You can search blogs by topic or keyword. If you search for ‘motorcop’, mine will be the only one (so far) that pops up. If you have the time and/or the inclination, you can rate the blog, leave a comment, etc.

Thanks for taking the time and thanks for reading.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

76 thoughts on “Humble Request

  1. I love this blog and the several other blogs I have been lead to through here, My sister, A friend of yours I am told, pointed me to this blog. Great stuff!

  2. I click but I do not read.

    And you could always install a tracker that tells you how many people are here on a regular basis!

    ~SIL (Ask The Wife what that <– means if you don't know)

  3. I read your blog every day. You are such a good writer and it always puts me in a good mood and cracks me up. Read about your blog on some other blog and have followed it ever since. I also read Happy Medic and Press Hard 3 Copies. I wanted to warn you though it did not take me very long to figure out what Town you worked in, mainly because I live in the adjacent unincorporated town and our entitled juveniles and cell phone totin' SUV drivin' moms are pretty much the same as yours (maybe worse) plus a couple of your friends posted some clues that helped me out. So just be sure they don't do that anymore if you want to stay anonymous. But I am a fan for life!! And I've been driving very carefully in your Town lately.

  4. I do also do not follow this blog … well not every hour but at least once a week


  5. I just found you… You CRACK me up! But please don't pull me over, even if I am going 12 1/2 miles over any posted speed limit, I might be doing my make-up LOL Just kidding.

  6. your hovercraft is full of eels

    (click my profile & you'll see a ton of leo blogs listed, ok maybe not a ton but about 672 pounds worth)

  7. I put you in my RSS reader on igoogle, which pretty stays open 24/7. I usually see your posts within minutes!

  8. I got guys from the entire motor unit reading it, or making me read my favorite parts to them during our weekly briefings. Keep up the good stuff…It's perfect!

  9. I never read your blog. I didn't read your first post on April 4th last year at 7:17 AM and I haven't been reading every one since then. I don't even have you bookmarked, and I don't care whether you go three or four days without updating.

    So don't go getting a swelled head, boy.

  10. I am in British Columbia and I recently found your blog. Man, some of the people you meet … it would drive me insane!

  11. I enjoy your blog and read it semi regularly! As an ER nurse I thank you and your brothers for keeping us safe from all the morons out there.

  12. Nice response there, Oh and I kind of do follow your blog sir.

    Can I get away with a warning?

    Happy Medic

  13. Love the blog, as a FF I appreciate all the little insights into what makes you guys tick, and speaking for all FFs and medics, we can usually relate to the insanity. Keep up the good work, MC, and thanks.

    – F4

  14. As a future LEO (fingers crossed) I find this some of the funniest stuff that I've ever read.

    Your prose maketh tears roll down my cheeks!

    -Newly Converted Follower

  15. Hi,

    Great information and I really like your "stuff."

    These tired old eyes have a bit of a problem reading white text on a black background. I have to copy your words and then paste them to my Word program.

    Any chance of switching things around a bit? I assure you this will not affect your "mystique."

    Thanks MC

  16. I read it! Your writing is fantastic – I would follow your blog even if you were writing about being a librarian.

  17. Renee and I read this thing Senior. Admittedly I really only read it when Im bored but when I do read it I usually laugh out loud. Good job letting all those people know they suck at driving. Keep at it because they're everywhere….

  18. I found your blog the other day and I have been reading from the beginning. Great stuff, I was laughing so hard at one point I almost shot coca-cola out of my nose (gross I know, but I have to give you props for the wit). Thank you for taking the time to blog.
    Stay safe out there.

  19. I stumbled across your blog while looking at the links of another blog I was reading. It's great; keep up the good work.
    Thanks to all the officers out there!

  20. Present and accounted for. LEO applicant, myself. Can't wait to start!
    I love your writing and am just reading through the backlog. It's hilarious – your humour is pretty darn awesome.

  21. I have to say I love and follow this blog now. I checked it a few times b/c a coworker follows and I am addicted now! Love it!

  22. I read your blog one day on a friends recommendation and was immediately hooked. After reading your latest entry that day about coutesy (or lack thereof) of the common moron who cuts you off I started from the beginning and am convinced that we are the same person in different dimensions or something – AWESOME!

  23. I just started reading and wasn't going to respond but then I saw someone else did today as well, so I don't feel like a complete moron…

    I was once considered to be on the opposite spectrum of you, I am not in law enforcement. I am a recovering addict (clean and sober 2 years, in college on the Dean's list).

    I almost did classes that would set me up for a career in LE, but was still too bitter about things I guess. Anyways, I'm shutting up. I love it and you have a dedicated reader.

  24. HAHA! I follow! and yes, i am that one person on the highway, doing exactly the speed limit, getting passed repeatedly while singing to the dashboard. Enthralling!

  25. I just found your blog from the 10 most sited vehicles article, and I have been reading back from your first post. Keep up the good work, both on the roads and online.


  26. New reader, thanks to the mention on MSNBC. Glad I'm not the only one actually doing the speed limit on the highway and getting passed. Whatever happened to "55 saves lives"? – MM in NY

  27. Love your blog, I have no ties to law enforcement but am nosier than a pack of cats. Thanks for writing!

  28. Just a note to say that not only have I read this post, but as you will have noticed I back-read this post. Just a person enjoying a cop's point of view.

  29. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog, and this post seemed like a good opportunity to do so.

    I'm the daughter of an assistant state's attorney and was an EMT in college, so I've been privileged to have grown up knowing many cops. Thank you for your service! And your sarcasm!

  30. Been here ever since you and Happy Medic found each other. Started my blog not too long after.

    Learned a lot from this blog. Still learning.

    And while I'm here, thanks for the link back to mine. I am entirely unworthy to be in the same company.

  31. Grumpy…

    Not at all true! You are just as worthy as the rest of the rabble I associate my rabblous (pretty sure that is not a word) self with!

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  33. Love your web log–couldn’t read it for a while because my computer decided that all was black words, black space, on a black bacground. Got rid of that computer, and am enjoying you again!

    • Please change that last bit to enjoying reading your web log again? I don’t want to get corsswise with the wonderful Mrs. MC.

  34. I love I found your website, blogs and insight.
    Keep up the fight.
    PEACE & Be Safe

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