#HipsterCop Takes Over The World

This subtitle would be too obscure for you to understand

Over the weekend, whilst I was sweating my ass off building a new deck, it seems the Interwebs went nutty for #HipsterCop.

Who/what is #HipsterCop, you ask?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct honor to introduce you to #HipsterCop:


I’m a fan of this particular meme simply because I’m a huge beer snob.

Apparently, this bloke (it’s cool, he’s British) was involved in crowd control during the EDL demonstration in England over the weekend.

What’s the EDL, you ask?

Beats the shit out of me. I don’t live in England. We have enough riots and useless crap in the States, I can’t be bothered to keep up with civil unrest the world over, kids. Gimme a break.

But, that truly isn’t the point. The point is the Twitter-verse went bat shit crazy over this dude and I freaking loved every single bit of it.

Do yourselves a favor and read this post from the UK Huffington Post about our new friend, #HipsterCop.

Not to be one to miss the trending train, here are some snippets of a conversation I had with the Happy Medic and our Aussie buddy, Nick:

“At least you know his pepper spray is organic.”

“And his baton is hand-crafted from fair trade wood.”

“His handcuffs don’t bind and are PETA approved.”

“He’ll arrest you for a law so obscure, you’ve never heard of it.”

“#HipsterCop won’t cite you for jaywalking so long as your shoes are Toms.”

“#HipsterCop’s ballistic vest is made from recycled detective’s desks.”

“Anyone want to get a kale smoothie after the riot?”

“I hit guys with my left hand as well…just to keep things equal.”

I’ll bet his collection of beard-related oils, conditioners, and various and sundry trimming implements is incredible. I’ll further bet his collection of Steampunk trunks holding all of it is equally amazing.

Both HM and I are doing our level best to get #HipsterCop on #TheCrossoverShow. No promises, though!

I sincerely hope #HipsterCop (whose name we have yet to learn, but I assume is neither “Hipster” nor “cop”) has a good sense of humour (I typed it like that in his honour…I’m clevour clever) and takes all this in stride and embraces it with the mirth with which it is meant!

Tarry on, #HipsterCop. I shall raise a cup of fair trade hand-picked Algonquin rosemead (a term I just made up) free-range java to you this morning and a pint of home-brewed craft beer this afternoon.

(The original picture of #HipsterCop was taken by @GuySmallman.)

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