Ok, kids, I know I haven’t updated in a week or so but there’s a good reason. I’m on vacation! Although there is just as much fun and frivolity in my personal life as my professional, it just doesn’t apply to the ‘ol blog. So, check back the first week of July. I shall return…

Until such time, however, please to enjoy the upcoming apocalypse that is 7/1/08. Introducing CVC 23123/23124, better known as the cell phone law. My friend and I have a little wager in regards to 7/1. Whomever gets more cell cites in one day wins. The wager? A night out without the little one. He wins (dream on), the Wife and I go to his house and watch his little one. I win (damn near a foregone conclusion) and he and his bride come over to our house and watch our little one. Oh, hold tight fair drivers of Town, for you know not the coming reaping of your very souls (I acknowledge this is a tad over-dramatic, but it’s fun to imagine them all cowering in abject fear).

Okey doke, all, enjoy June….

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