Happy Medic and AmboDriver Explain Kilted to Kick Cancer

By now you’ve figured out a couple of things about MCPD.

1. I’ve been away for a few weeks as we welcomed MClet #3 to MCPD.  (I’m off until 10/10!)

2. Kilted to Kick Cancer has dominated my Twitter and Facebook updates.

We are nine days into the KTKC movement and we’ve seen incredible strides.  HM and I were lucky enough to make it to a Pints4Prostates event held in the East Bay of Northern California and we made some great contacts.  We’re hoping to build a relationship and partner with them in the future.

I have been so impressed with both Happy and my readers and friends.  We have received a ton of support both in word and in action.  Things will return to their usual antics here at MCPD soon, but for now, I remain focused (and kilted) on the task at hand.

If you are at all confused about what KTKC is all about, I can’t think of a better way than to have two of its strongest members, Happy Medic and AmboDriver, explain it to you from the showroom floor at this years EMS Expo in Las Vegas.

A special thank you to Mr. Thaddeus Setla for his always professional video skills and his continued support for both FRNtv and KTKC. You are a treasure, sir.

You can also head over to our official site for Kilted to Kick Cancer.