Guardian or Warrior

Which do you want patrolling your streets?


Guardian or….

Recently, ran an article by Lt. Dan Marcou entitled “Why Obama’s Advice to Police to Abandon the Warrior Mindset Won’t Work”. The lieutenant made some excellent points and I encourage you to read (and comment if you’re an LEO) the piece.

I did have a problem with the piece, though.

Lieutenant Marcou, using the P1 platform, had to restrain himself and choose his words more carefully. He had to be more politically correct…and he was much more eloquent with relevant examples from history like King David and Leonidas.

I do not suffer from that affliction on this platform.

So let me put it more plainly:

Abandoning the Warrior Mindset will get cops killed. Period.



Moreover, the president’s comments were made in an effort to sate the court of public opinion. A court that, quite frankly, that is mired in stupidity, ignorance, and entitlement.

I am not a fan of our current president. I love the office and respect it; however, I don’t believe the man who currently resides within has much sense when it comes to serving in a military or paramilitary organization.

“Wait, MC! Are you saying law enforcement is a paramilitary organization?!”

You’re damn right I am.

We have policies, procedures, uniforms, rank structure, etc. We are armed. We patrol the streets to keep citizens safe. If you think giving police “military-style” weapons is a bad move, I suggest you find your own personal Mayberry, my friend, because this ain’t the 50’s.

Now, I’m not looking to get into a debate about whether or not cops should have shoulder-launched rockets. Don’t be obtuse.

I’m good to patrol my area with all I currently have. Would I like better and more effective equipment?

Of course I would.

But that’s not what this post, the president’s comments, or Lt. Marcou’s piece was about. The President of the United States wants me to abandon the warrior mindset and adopt more a guardian approach.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding Barack Obama has never served in a uniform, be it within or without the boundaries of our borders.

That being the case, the man has no idea what it means to put one’s life on the line in any meaningful and literal way.  Sure, he may have scrapped some in whatever school he attended as a kid…who hasn’t? But if it comes down to being ready to fight for one’s life, he has no frame of reference for it.

When I went to the Academy nearly 17 years ago, the Warrior Mindset was almost literally beaten into us.




We were trained, much like the military, that failure and dying are not options. When you go into a fight with that frame of mind, you have the advantage. We are talking about a psychological step above others.

That step can make the difference between you going home, the hospital, or the morgue.

Warriors fight.

Guardians…well, they guard.

One stands tall, presses on and takes the fight to those that would threaten the flock.

The other watches…and then calls on those that can fight.

Is it semantics?

You may think so.

If you do, you’ve never fought the way we do.

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15 thoughts on “Guardian or Warrior

  1. How about changing the mindset of the gangsta culture? Nobody seems to want to address the issue of mass media making money off of sensationalizing criminal behavior and making it seem noble to defy police and the law. How about a culture change at the ground level, so police don’t have to come in contact with as many people on a daily basis? Typical leftist attitude that it’s always someone else’s fault, so let’s legislate and throw money at the preceived problem.

  2. Also, I think most people who choose to enter the law enforcement profession already come in with a guardian mindset. We all had to be trained to be warriors in order to prevail at that guardian task. A passive police force will be easily overrun by criminal warriors.

  3. Oh how I long for the days that I can return to being a GUARDIAN. A GUARDIAN, a peace keeper as the Bible declares police to be. But I have no other choice right now than be a WARRIOR. Folks, if you shoot me, does it really matter if I am on main street USA or down town Baghdad. For me it does not matter, it does not change anything for me. I am shot and possibly dying wherever I am geographically. The sad part is, it is happening right here, RIGHT HERE ON OUR BELOVED SOIL, the USA and AMERICANS are not up in arms trying to stop it. You know folks we, law enforcement officers carry in our pockets tourniquets. That should speak chapters and volumes to you. Oh how I long for the days that we can return to being the guardians of our communities. But society will not let it happen. As long as there is violent conflict between the good and evil there can never be peace. If you want me to be your guardian then demand from society peace. Until that day comes, I WILL REMAIN A WARRIOR. Romans 13:4

  4. Well said! I have been a police officer in the Washington, D.C. area for a little over 18 years . These are tough times to be in law enforcement. Calibre press is still doing it right with their seminars ( street survival and the warrior mindset) to name a few.

  5. I am not LEO but i will comment anyway. My theory, when they have u become “guardians” they will then disarm you all…probably right after they take away the 2nd ammendment. Just my own conspiracy theory. Whic government in real life has ever disarmed their police force? 🙂

  6. So many words and I don’t know quite how to say this. IMHO, you need to be warriors because there is only a half second between you and death in any given situation. The bad guys get as much time as they want to hone their knives or aim their guns. You get a split second. I’m just a concerned civilian. When I see something shady, that I’m not sure of, I call the NON-emergency dispatch and explain. That, to me, is more of a “guardian” mindset. For example, last week, left for the market, neighbor’s door was locked; returned, neighbor’s door was ajar–never seen it like that before, called his name, no response; called the landlady, no answer on her cell phone and no voice mail;

    • Long story short, officer came out, investigated, nothing bad happened. But there was a bad robbery/assault in my building 2 years ago, so I was so happy to see him. You guys/gals deserve ALL the support that civilians can give you. We’re the bumbling sheepdogs keeping a lookout–the guardians—you guys are the warriors with the weapons to stop the bad guys from killing the sheep. Thank you for all you do, every day. God bless.

  7. If we’re going to be Guardians now, you can call me “Officer Groot”…….

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