So, it’s that time of year again.  The time of year you look back at the previous year and wonder what it was that you accomplished.

2011 saw the Wife and I having our third (and final) MClet.  We finished up a 28 month journey to pay off $77,232.88 in debt.  I’d say 2011 was pretty damn good to us…thanks in no small part to God and a vast amount of hard work.

But, here we are.  A full four days into 2012 finds me wondering.  What next?  What now?  I’m not a resolution kind of guy.  Those things get forgotten in about 17 days.  I dig the fresh vibe a new year brings with it, but so what?  Pretty soon it’ll be February.  I mean, if you don’t have your ducks in a row by then, you might as well pack it in, right?

Of course not.

Don’t get so caught up in resolutions that you can’t devise a plan that will actually work.  Set small, achievable goals and build on smaller successes to tackle some bigger ones.

For us, we are looking forward to building our Emergency Fund (hoping to be complete by April), start saving for retirement and our kid’s college and paying down our mortgage.  (Yup, back to OT for MC).  I’m hoping to expand my writing horizons a bit and getting a little more serious about the gift God has given me.

Professionally, I want to be more active.  Last year’s staffing levels were taxing on all of us and the needs of the department found me pushing a beat car around more than I had hoped.  This year looks to be more promising and my hope is that more opportunity will arise to spend time doing what I love most: riding the bike and writing some rags.

What about you?  What goals do you have in your crosshairs?