Good Parenting

Any time I do anything remotely not stupid, my Mom says, “It must be good parenting!” Who am I to quibble?

Today, I stopped a good example. I was sitting in my pond du jour when I saw a speeding vehicle. I pulled it over and walked up to talk to the obviously young driver. He had his hands on the wheel. His window was rolled up. He looked a bit like he was going to have an attitude on him. I mimed (not trapped in a box) that I wanted him to roll the window down. My first thought was, “Cop’s kid.”
MC: Do you know why I stopped you?
GA (Good Apple): No, sir.
MC: Do you know what the speed limit is back there?
GA: 35, sir.
MC: Do you know how fast you were going?
GA: Not much more than 40, sir.
MC: 49. Do you have your license, registration and insurance?
GA: Yes, sir. I’m very sorry, sir.
MC: What does your Dad do for a living?
GA: He’s in construction.
MC: Have you ever had a ticket before?
GA: I’ve never been pulled over, sir.
MC: Okay…hang tight…I’ll be right back.
I ran him out and sure enough, he had a clean record. I had him dead to rights for speed.
MC: So, you’ve never been pulled over before?
GA: No, sir.
MC: I’m going to give you a break. Interested in why?
GA: Yes, sir.
MC: I can count on one hand how many times I’ve stopped someone as polite as you. You did everything you were supposed to do. You kept your hands on the wheel. That helps put me at ease. It’s a smart thing to do for both of our safety. I’m not sure who taught you how to handle being stopped by the police, but I assume it was your folks. I won’t tell them about this little incident if you don’t, but you seem like a pretty honest kid. If you end up telling them, do me a favor and tell them I appreciate the good job they did with you.
GA: I’ll tell them, sir. Thank you!
So to Mr. and Mrs. Random I say, “Well done! Great job in raising what appears to be a polite, honest, and well adjusted young man!”
That’s my Good Apple Award, pictured above, by the way. Creativity abounds!

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9 thoughts on “Good Parenting

  1. I love it! Hope that my kids do as well. The first time I ever got pulled over I was more afraid my dad was going to find out before I had the chance to tell him! He worked for the S.O.

  2. That's so sweet it actually brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing a good story. It's too easy to concentrate on the punks that make you think the world is going to hell.

  3. I think it was around 21 when I first got pulled over. I ran a red light. I was in an area that I didn't know, following some guy at night… I didn't even see the light.. it was after a curve or something.

    I was soo nervous when I realized a cop was behind me. I pulled over and accepted the ticket but I still didn't know what was going on.

    While learning how to drive, NOBODY has taught me what I should do when I pulled over. Everyone was teaching me how to avoid getting a ticket or how to fight a ticket.

    Thanks for the instructions. I think I read this before…maybe from your older post or from one of the links you provided. I don't plan on getting pulled over, it's been a long time since… but I've told my family and friend what to do and why.

    How come this kind of info doesn't get taught to new drivers?? I didn't read my driver manual…so maybe it is in the driver manual

  4. My dad told me what to do if I got pulled over… hands on the wheel, don't reach for anything until asked, and be polite.

    I don't understand why more parents don't teach their children this. Or maybe they do but the children don't bother to listen…

    But I'm glad you had a polite kid! The nice ones are always great because they're so infrequent!

  5. Great story! I'm glad you told the kid what he did right and why, and that he should pass your thanks on to his parents. Good behavior should be reinforced in this way.

    I see a real dilemma here: good parents/drivers may not think to teach their kids what to do if they get pulled over because they may rarely, or even never, have been pulled over themselves. Bad parents/drivers, on the other hand, may have plenty of experience with being pulled over… but for exactly that reason may not do the right job of teaching their kids what to do when this happens. Definitely a job for driving instructors, who don't seem to be covering this as well as they might. (I took driving lessons, and I don't remember my instructor covering this issue. Which he should have – seems at least as important to me as the "how to avoid a random falling piano" lesson, which I did get.)

    PS Next time, ask the kid what his mom does for a living as well. Maybe SHE'S the cop. 😉

  6. What a good story an example to us all.
    Was there a slight thaw of the ice that surrounds MC's cold cold heart when it comes to citations??
    It's that darn global warming again.

  7. I've also been told to turn on interior lights, for the same reasons as keeping your hands on the wheel.

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