Good Advice for the Incarcerated

Seems I’m fortunate enough to have a reader associated with and Criminal Justice Degrees Guide.  They recently published the amusingly accurate advice in cartoon form you see below.  Having spent a number of years in a custody setting in my past (not as a guest, thank you very much), I got a chuckle out of it and thought you all may as well.


How to Survive Prison
Via: Criminal Justice Degree Site

Photo credit: Flickr and mlhradio.

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4 thoughts on “Good Advice for the Incarcerated

  1. Of course, now that the whole concept of “prison” is a joke in California (thanks to AB 109,) much of this is obsolete . . .

  2. Having just toured my home county’s two detention facilities and pre-release center (which I realize aren’t the same as a state prison) as part of my service on a Grand Jury for three months, I observe that a lot of what is in this piece is good advice, though our county detention facility doesn’t have a “hole” contrary to what the media portrays. Thanks for sharing.

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