God Bless you TNT!!

I was fortunate enough to receive a sneak peek to Season 2 of “SouthLAnd” (which premiere tonight on TNT…check your local listings). Unfortunately, the drive that was sent to me didn’t work. That won’t stop me from supporting this fantastic police drama!

Not since “NYPD Blue” (thus far the best cop show EVER!) was on the air have I been so excited for a cop show (and Lord knows I’ll watch any cop show at least once to see if it’s worth my time!). It’s nice to see a show that gives as much attention to character development and story line as it does to proper police procedure (insofar as a TV can, that is).
I’ll never forget watching the Steve Martin classic “Roxanne” when the barn was on fire and he was giving direction to his rag tag band of volunteer firefighters. I remember my Dad being so impressed (he was still a captain back then). He said, “That was the same direction I’d have given if that was a real, working fire.” Obviously, the folks behind “Roxanne” had competent consultants. The producers of “SouthLAnd” seem to have the same standard of quality that makes this show the “realistic, gritty, drama” it is portended to be.
Cops and firefighters are notoriously critical of how their livelihoods are portrayed; be it in the media or Hollywood. To get a resounding show of support from the LEO community is a feather in the cap of the cast, crew, producers, and, most importantly, writers of “SouthLAnd”.
I stopped watching the continued bastardization of “Law & Order” years ago. Once Ice-T was cast as a police detective, I was out. Really?!? You boneheads are gonna cast the guy that sang “Cop Killer”? Your show can fuck right off.
So, you can bet my DVR will be fired up and ready come tonight! It’s a well written, well acted show with quite a talented cast. I hope this show continues to perform well. If the first season was any indication, “SouthLAnd” is headed for the award show circuit come next year!
Well done, TNT! You’ve saved a quality show and have once again proven NBC has their collective head in a dark, smelly place. (With the exception of “Chuck”, “Community”, “The Office”, and “30 Rock”…otherwise, suck it NBC!)

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15 thoughts on “God Bless you TNT!!

  1. I loved Southland…at least the first season. Unfortunately we don't get TNT so I won't get to watch it.

    BTW, I have been reading for a while, I've just never commented. But I am feeling chatty today so….


  2. What do you think of "The Wire?" Wife and I have been watching it on Netflix last week or 2. I really like it.

  3. I'd never watched the show until today (there's a marathon on TNT) & I'm really diggin' it. I've already set the DVR to record the entire series 🙂

  4. With this ringing endorsement, maybe I'll give this show a shot. I love, love, love to watch shows like Backdraft, Ladder 49, or any hospital drama with my ff/pm husband scoffing the whole time. As you said, y'all are a discerning lot with this stuff. Plus, when I hear dispatchers or people talking about dispatch on shows like this (for example, the toning out on Ladder 49 is pretty accurate), I totally rate it. I guess I'm more like you guys than I care to admit.

  5. What do you think of "Flashpoint"? It's a police ERT drama that's loosely based on the ERT in Toronto (Canada). I watched a few episodes and it's pretty good so far.

    Also, a new show is starting called "The Bridge". Airs this Friday. Have you seen the previews? Any thoughts? The cast looks pretty good and the story seems interesting (LEO union head involved in street patrol and internal drama). The protagonist is played by Aaron Douglas (from BSG). It's on CBS.

    Just tossing stuff your way in case you were interested in taking a look. I've heard about Southland from everyone now. I think I might actually have to start watching it!

  6. Southland ROCKS! But I didn't think the season opener was that great, especially after the season finale..with Russ being shot. Plus, where'd Janilla go? I know she's in protective custody, but they made her such a big part of season 1 then she's just gone. Thanks TNT for having the brains to bring back a great show.

    Flashpoint is okay. Not the best cop show evah but it's good in a pinch.

  7. SixtiesGuy…

    I wish I had an award for the funniest comment ever.

    You'd win.

    The late 60's was a couple years before my time, though. Can we at least agree that NYPD Blue was my Adam-12?

    "…cops and detectives came to be portrayed as heavy-drinkers with anger issues, a string of ex-wives, crushing alimony and an inability to relate to anyone other than their fellow LEOs." I've actually worked with a number of folks that exactly fit that description. Sign of the times, perhaps?

    Sad, but true…

  8. Adam 12/SWAT/Starsky & Hutch/The Rookies/Dragnet/ and last but not least, Car 54, where are you.

    Everyone one of these are Cop bible shows. Get on it and start watching them. I want to hear a report back.

    Sixtiesguy! Sorry dude, but Dragnet has it all over Adam 12. Jack Webb badge #714. One of the gals I worked with at *PD had badge #714. Man was I jealous. I had like #704. And she was a baby and had no idea how significant her badge number was. DAMN!

  9. I was late to the party where SouthLAnd is concerned. It was totally off my radar until midway into the season. Now, though, I'm hooked. There have been reports that TNT is going to tweak the writing a bit in the new season, I hope they don't screw up a good thing. (the first half of this season was already "in the can" when TNT bought the show)

    I grew up watching Dragnet, Adam 12, and Emergency. Recently I revisited Adam 12 on Hulu and I have to say after all these years some of the luster has worn off. While the interpersonal relationships with the characters is top-shelf, the story lines were predicable and the whole "shooting a the cop/badguy in most every episode was overdone.

    NYPD Blue will always be the show by which all others will be judged. From the very first episode when Andy grabs his crotch and says "Ipsis this you petty little bitch" until the camera fades out with Andy sitting in the Lt's (now his) office having come full circle, it was TV well with watching.

    The short lived "Brooklyn South" showed potential, but alas, good shows sometimes fall to the ratings Gods.

    Now if they would just get those last 6 seasons of "Blue" out on DVD…

  10. *laughs* Never seen SouthLAnd, but your comment about L&O had me rolling. The flavor you're referring to is L&O: SVU and it is the most-watched thing in the house. (I think my mom has a thing for John Munch.)

    I think I'll actually give SouthLAnd a shot now, thanks to your endorsement. Although my heart will forever belong to SVU; my mother would disown me otherwise. XD

  11. Damn, Chickie (what kind of name is Chickie for a lay cop anyway) got her ass handed to her by Cooper last night. She deserved it – damn whiny bitch.

  12. Chickie was schooled! Damn Southland is good. Just finished watching it. And that opening music is SCARY!!!

  13. Great new cop show. It's called JUSTIFIED on FX. It's about a guy in the Marshall's service.

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