God Bless the South

Really? No chases at all? Good luck, Wellford.
Hey, Mayor Peake…why don’t you institute some more training for your officers? Maybe institute a fitness regime? Training and working out tend to reduce the number of on-the-job injuries. That correlates to less worker’s comp claims. Oh…and you’re a condescending, passive/aggressive ol’ windbag.
Thanks for the video, Carol!

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8 thoughts on “God Bless the South

  1. Hah! Good stuff. To be accurate though, the mayor rescinded her memo some days later at the request of people with more common sense. Like the blog.

  2. Wow. I couldn't get through that. When she started talking to the reporter like *he* was a moron my brain just checked out.

    Bets she doesn't get elected again.

  3. I could be totally in left field but I thought Worker's Comp premiums were based on some retarded governmental calculus of the risk involved in your industry (which an actuary has determined on a general scale, I believe)and the number of employees you have. Therefore, banning foot pursuits wouldn't change a premium that's already in place.

    Glad she rescinded it. Probably only because it's an election year.

  4. Here is the followup to that video. She changes the policy back so officers can chase but not her attitude. She doesn't apologize and doesn't really want her officers to chase. However she was swayed by wiser and calmer people in the community.

    This mayor doesn't seem to like the cost of doing business for public safety. She refuses to consider the long term effects of no chase policies though.

  5. OMG, how the hell did she get elected to Mayor?! Was she the only one running or perhaps she berated the other people running so much that they dropped out. She said no chasing… wonder bout tazing? 😀

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