Getting out from underneath

This’ll be quick, I promise.

I’m taking a brief aside from LEO stuff to talk real quick about some personal stuff. Take what you’d like from it…
Last summer, the Wife and I decided we were tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I was working a ton of OT, but it never felt like we were getting ahead. The Wife had heard of a guy named Dave Ramsey. I was incredibly skeptical, but decided to read his book, “The Total Money Makeover”. If you want to get rich quick, this ain’t the book for you; however, if you want to get out of debt, bust your ass, have some money in the bank and have financial peace in your lives, I cannot recommend this book more.
You’ll notice a new gadget on the sidebar of the blog proclaiming “I’m weirder than you!” One of DR’s go-to quotes is, “Normal is broke…and I don’t want to be normal.” If you’re interested, click the link. It will take you to his Total Money Makeover site. Your other option is to go
Following DR’s financial guidance has changed our lives. The Wife and I are a team…always have been. Having financial peace in the MC house has made our marriage even stronger (and it was pretty damn good to start with!). We truly feel blessed to have discovered Dave and I just wanted to pass it along to you lot in the hopes that our experience can be a blessing to someone else as well.
We now return you to our usual programming…

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12 thoughts on “Getting out from underneath

  1. I found Davis Ramsey several years ago. His plan works if you are committed to it. One day I will be able to call in and scream too!

  2. Someone once told me that in every marriage, one is a spender and one is a saver. I'm the spender.

    Have you ever heard of Mary Hunt? She has a website and books that seem similar to Dave Ramsey's. I'll look into his though.

  3. Officer Hottie and I were able to call in last August with our debt free scream. We busted our butts to pay everything but the mortgage off and it feels good. Making that call was one of the best days in our married life. Keep it up!

  4. Mama Hen…


    I listen to every Debt Free Friday on the podcast. It definitely keeps me motivated. Considering saving for a trip to Nashville to scream it in his lobby!

    Good for you! Thanks for being an inspiration to those of us still plugging along!

  5. Living debt free, or achieving that, is hard to do but very commendable. My other half and I have been debt-free for about 15 years, by living with financial discipline. I commend you on yours, and wish you and your wife every success. I can attest to the fact that living within your means and talking about financial matters definitely builds a stronger, tighter, and better relationship.

    Thanks for sharing this important message!

  6. Thanks for trying to help others MC. I might have to get myself out of this hole I'm in, doing the second job thing here, be good to put that money to work for me.

  7. It only works if both sides participate correctly. I made an agreement with my husband about 15 years ago that we always had to tell each other if we spent over $100 – it worked for about 2 months if that. Thatladybug is right – one is a spender and one is a saver. My BFF jokes that she will just follow my husband around and pick up all the money that falls out of his pockets. I myself have been very lucky when doing his laundry. I've made 100s and 100s of dollars over the years. I finally told him about it and he empties his pockets most of the time now. It's not so fun doing the laundry anymore. About 10 years ago he told me about a motorcycle he'd bought. It was a piece of CRAP – all parts and pieces – now he was going to have someone put it altogether – when I asked how much he had spent to that moment it was like $7k – I bit my tongue as we were on our way to my company Christmas party – then stupid me asks how much more it was going to cost to put the bike back together – another $7k – that did it. Evening ruined – I drank myself in oblivion. Now I just don't ask. It saves the marriage. And I can't begrudge him anything – he works his ass off for me.

  8. MC-
    My brother and his wife discovered Ramsey a few years ago and swear by his system, my brother passed the name onto me and I bought his book but havent ventured into yet…let me know how it turns out!

  9. Dave Ramsey's program is really a true blessing. We started in February and have already paid off two credit cards. His program really DOES work, but like others have said you have to be committed, and both you and your significant other (if there is one) HAVE to be on the same page.

    Thanks for sharing this MC.

  10. I've also heard very good things about him. I'm not in (much) debt, but I don't follow a budget either. Time to go check it out.

  11. I found DR several years ago and am debt free, but it's hard as a farmette to try to budget. Never know what's coming next and payday only comes once or twice a year. But Dave's way is the way to go. Thanks for the blog!

  12. Studies show that “happiness” correlates with income, but only up to a certain amount. $40k is the plateau. I’ll just have to see about that once I start making that amount of money…it seems unfathomable, considering I’m currently working full-time for about $300/week. Talk about paycheck-to-paycheck…

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