Get it on. Gotta get it on…

Been listening to a lot of the Adam Carolla podcast, thus the title.

At any rate, I’m back from the much needed break and ready to get back on the horse (channeling a little Bon Jovi there…”On a steel horse I ride”. See what I did there?) So, stand by to stand by. I appreciate all the comments over the past six days and I apologize for taking so long to post them, but I was in nowheresville with zero contact. A blessed miracle if ever there was one.

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned…

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7 thoughts on “Get it on. Gotta get it on…

  1. I thought this post was about stopping someone for "getting it on"….which my BIL got stopped for…er he was already stopped but he did get questioned for.
    At any rate, glad you're back I need some comic relief.

  2. Don't forget my "Ask a Cop" question you said you'd answer. It's the 4th comment to your 6/11/09 post. You commented later on in the thread that you'd be using that in "Ask a Cop." Thanks.

  3. Didn't notice you were gone. Were you gone?
    I had to take over there for a bit, but all is good.

    Welcome back MC.

  4. Six days in Nowheresville. Sounds like the title to a movie. Hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

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