“Generosity of Spirit has a place in the World”

I almost wanted to tell the lady that said this to me yesterday as I was writing her a ticket, “Thank you for my next post’s title.” She said this after offering no less than four or five excuses as to why she made a left when there’s a big ‘ol sign advising her she can’t do that. Her final argument…”Generosity of Spirit has a place in the World.”

I can’t make up something like that, folks. Sometimes these things just write themselves.

Later the same day, I was told by a driver, “I own two of the buildings in this shopping center.” That same guy also said, “I just bought coffee for three cops yesterday.” To which I responded, “I don’t understand, sir. Are you saying you would only buy them coffee if they didn’t give you a ticket?” He didn’t like that. I thought it was funny.

The Spirit Lady was like my third cite of the day. I generously gave out a total of 16. She inspired me. Thank you, Spirit Lady, thank you.

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One thought on ““Generosity of Spirit has a place in the World”

  1. Sometimes you just have to find inspiration when and wherever you can. What ever gets the job done and gets you back to the cool hiding place you dwell in makes perfectly good sense to me. Keep up the good work!! xoxo

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