Forensic Mapping

Sounds wicked exciting, no? No? That’s cuz it isn’t. Guess what, kids? Not everything we cops do involves high speed chases, kicking in doors, and newsworthy drug busts. From time to time, we have to do additional training to make us more well rounded. Call it a necessary evil.

So, what is forensic mapping, you ask? (And thanks for asking…) Ever see cops on the news after some heinous crash using a machine on a big ‘ol tripod? That is similar to survey equipment. Basically, we use to to digitally capture the aftermath of a crash. We take a “shot” (unfortunately, not the kind that pops to mind) and then we can transfer that “shot” (or more accurately, hundreds of them) to a CAD, or Computer Aided Diagramming, program to draw out the scene. Then, using what we’ve captured at the scene, we can go back and reconstruct the collision (refer to previous post regarding getting closer to knowing everything).

Although it is not exactly a GTA IV tournament or anything, it’s useful. Well, there you go…I’m off to get me some coffee to assist with maintaining consciousness for the next 8 hours.